Weird week so far

Month ends always bother me.  I guess it is a personality defect, but I don’t look at what was accomplished as much as what was missed, forgotten, or never gotten to.  It can sometimes be mentally crippling to look at all you didn’t do in a month… one thing about building porn sites and whatnot […]

Laura Lion @ jugfuckers

laura lion has big titsLaura Lion is one stunning babe!

I found this gallery promoting a new site called Jugfuckers.  They had my attention right away, for all the good reasons.  I glanced at a couple of pretty decent galleries, and then I saw the lovely Laura Lion.  Oh boy!

She is a walking fucking erection machine, as far as I am concerned.  She has that devilish look in her eye, a curvy body, and totally fucking massive tits.  How big?  She is tit fucking a guy in this gallery and she isn’t even that close to him… these sweater puppies are large and in charge, let me tell you!

It’s a good gallery too… hot pics showing lovely Laura tking it off and then getting tit fucked massively… and a nice load of goo on her knockers as a reward.

Click here to check out the gallery.

Want more boob fucking action?  Click here for Jugfuckers 

Jamie Hammer – serious babe

I was working on my Big Boob blog, and just added a piece for sexy stunner Jamie Hammer. If you like hot models (she has appeared in Playboy on a number of occasions) then you might want to check this out.
Click here for Jamie Hammer.

BBW Blog Vs. BBW Reviews

Hello everyone well its been a few weeks and I am trying to make this BBW Blog / BBW Review Site as clean as possible for you. Well what I mean there are many BBW Blogs out there and that just show you a few pics and some galleries. My intention here is to show you some stuff and tell you little about it. Also you may have seen the lack of use of the offensive words, I really think that the true big woman lover doesn’t need to use offencive words. So I hope you enjoy the past posts and the future ones as well. Thanks Mr. Mary Lou

Jenny Tiny Tits

jenny has tiny titsJenny is a hotty I built a free site for a while back, and while I was looking for something else I came across her pictures and figured you guys might enjoy them as much as I did.

She is a real nice looking girl, entirely natural and pretty, still has pussy hair and everything! I love her little ski hill tiny tits and perky little nipples, I think they make her look just wonderful and sexy.

This is a free site guys, so two full galleries of this hotty… and the pics aren’t just her sevy little boobs either, there is at least one really nice teen pussy spread shot in here. A really nice teasing set!

Click here to check out Jenny’s tiny tits