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Tony has torn his jeans and is trying to fix them himself as his stepsister Mackenzie Moss plays on her phone nearby. He asks Mackenzie for help, but she insists she’ll only give him a hand if he lets her borrow his car for the night. She tells him to put the pants on so she can mend them and swears not to poke him. On her knees, she goes to work sewing as Tony creeps on her tits. Mackenzie is close enough to realize that Tony is getting a boner from looking at her small boobs and hard nipples. Pissed, she pops it out and calls him disgusting. Mackenzie shoves Tony down, then stumbles and falls on his dick. Not wearing panties beneath her miniskirt has consequences as he slides into her wet pussy. Mackenzie likes the way Tony’s dick feels, so she agrees to change up the deal that she gets to borrow his car if she’ll fuck him. They relocate to the bedroom, where Mackenzie gets naked and climbs into bed on her hands and knees so Tony can smack her ass and tell her about how he fantasizes about her sucking him.When Tony climbs into bed with her, Mackenzie makes his day by putting his dick in her mouth. Then she hops on top to give him a cowgirl ride. Reverse cowgirl is next on Mackenzie’s agenda as she enjoys the feel of Tony’s hands shaping her bottom. Rolling onto her back, she spreads her legs all the way so Tony can give it to her. Then Mackenzie gets on her hands and knees so her stepbro can keep the good times rolling doggy style. Tony can’t wait another moment to blow his load, so he pulls out of Mackenzie’s hot little twat and nuts all over her plump sexy ass.

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Riley Star (sometimes Riley Starr) is a super cute tiny tits pornstar, a real cute one with yummy natural boobs. Listed as 160cm and a perfectly correct 34A-24-33, this little girl totally rocks in all ways. Her small tits are nice with just enough size to be seen, but not so much as to overwhelm. She loves to show off, she loves to get naked, and this tiny tits pornstar isn’t shy to do it all. I love that she can be the natural girl next door, and then the next time you see her she is the glammed up tiny tits pornstar type. She’s very flexible in her looks and her actions, and overall she’s just got the type of petite body we all want to play with all night long!

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18 year Old Liz is the type of girl you love to see getting naked. She’s very much the girl next door type with lovely natural looks, a sweet 34B-22-35 body, and a really wholesome attitude. She’s also a horny girl who is into playing, and in her first sets from FTV Girls, she shows off how much she loves to play with her sex toys. This girl is amazing, looking innocent as they come until the toys come out, and then she turns into a naughty girl playing with her pussy, sliding toys into her juicy twat, and cumming like mad. The camera is making her even more horny, and she cums a lot! This girl is smoking!

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Beth and I had been to a show and stopped off at a bar near to the theatre afterwards. She had gotten a lot of admiring glances as we entered, well she does have a stunning little figure so I am used to seeing mens reactions to her. This night especially, as she was wearing a low neck-lined top and a short mini-skirt.

The place was quite packed but we managed to get stools at the bar. After a couple of drinks we decided to head for home but I needed the mens room first. On my return, Beth looked very flushed and agitated. As soon as she saw me she got off her stool and headed for the door with me close behind.

I asked her what was wrong but it wasn’t until we had been driving for about 10 minutes that she started to reply.

‘I… I have something to tell you!’

‘What is it Darling?’ I asked. Seeing she was somewhat nervous and shaken, I pulled into a lay-by and parked up. I waited patiently for her speak. I put my arm around her to comfort her. Eventually she started to speak but without looking at me, keeping her eyes on the floor.

‘At the bar, when you were at the toilet…. Something happened.’

I said nothing as I stroked her hair and let her continue.

‘You will hate me, I know you will.’

‘Of course I won’t, how could I possibly hate you? Besides, you couldn’t have done very much as I was only gone a few minutes.’

‘A few minutes was all it took.’


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Kali Roses is a hot ass blond, she looks absolutely amazing in jean shorts with her sexy ass out there, and she looks even better with a big black cock in her mouth! This girl is an awesome cock sucker and not shy about taking a big one too. She really gets into slobbering all over this guys cock and sucking him good, her cheeks pulled in as she sucks hard! He fucks her pussy hard too, stretching her way open before coming back out in time for a nice big cumshot on her face and in her mouth – and even in her eye. She never stops and licks and sucks his cock clean too, this talented cock sucker doesn’t want to miss a drop of his thick baby batter!

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Mila Jade is one of those Asian American girls who sometimes doesn’t even look particularly Asian – until she gets naked and you know she’s got the body! Mila Jade has tiny Asian tits, pointy nipples, and as sweet pussy with some meaty lips. She started out as a cutie model, a Nubiles girl, and so on, and has progressed through to some very hot hardcore scenes and there is even one Mila Jade anal fuck scene too. She’s willing to try anything, and she loves a cock deep inside. This scene from Petite HD Porn is just a great solid fuck scene, polenty of views of Mila’s tasty little tits, her sweet sexy ass, and her hot wet Asian pussy getting fucked good and hard. She loves fucking, and loves cum too!

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I don’t think I will ever get tired of checking out goddess Karina Hart and her amazing huge breasts. She’s a stunning babe even if you never see how amazing her boobs are, with a really pretty face and eyes. When those huge boobs come into view, it’s just overwhelming. She’s amazing, and not only are her boobs huge and ripe, her big nipples are awesome too. They really stand out and cap off her huge tits in just the perfect way. Karina Hart is sexy all the way around, a walking big titty wet dream!

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Wifes Darker and Better Side

“Jeanette really is a stunning woman”, I think to myself as I drop her off at Marie’s place. I’m working late tonight and Jeanette asked me if it would be OK if she and her friend, Marie, went to the Black Stallion club for a few drinks while I worked. Marie’s husband, Jacques, would drive them to the club and I would pick them up again after I had finished at the office at 11 pm . “Till later, Luv!” She leans over from the passenger seat and gives me a peck on the lips. “Love you!

I give her a hug. “Enjoy it! And remember – don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

“Come now! You now me better than that!” she smirks as she walks up the path that led to Marie’s front door. My eyes involuntarily drop to the swing of those perfect hips. For a moment I wonder if her skirt is not a bit too short. Then I look at how it shows off those long legs and decides that it is just perfect! I realize once again how lucky I am to have such a beautiful wife and drive off to work.

At the office, I start up my computer and start working. There is a lot to do and I would like to be finished before 11.

After 9:00 I get up and walk into my secretary’s office to look for a file. I look everywhere but simply cannot find it. Then I remember. Peter, my partner, took it home with him to study.

“Damn!” I think to myself. “Now I might as well go home.” There is no way that I can continue my work without that file and driving over to Peter’s at this hour would be out of the question.

Well, maybe the situation is not as bad as it seems. Too bad for Marie, but I’m going to fetch that beautiful wife of mine en take her home. The night is still young and, who knows…? The way she looks tonight… Marie will just have to understand!

I switch off my computer; lock up the office en drive to the club. I park my car in front of the Black Stallion and enter. The music is loud and the stench of cigarette smoke hangs heavily in the air. There are not many people here tonight, probably because it is a week night. I’m relieved, because this means that I should not have a problem finding the girls.

I look everywhere, but cannot find them. “Strange”, I think to myself. “Where on earth could they be? Surely they couldn’t have gone home already…”

Just as I am about to leave and drive to Marie’s place, I hear that delightful laugh! I turn around, look past a huge pot plant and sure enough, there behind a trellis with an artificial vine is a table with four chairs that I’ve missed. And there in the low light is the unmistakable blonde head of the love of my life! I sneak up to surprise them.

“What the hell..? They’re not alone…!” I feel the green monster of jealousy rearing its ugly head as I stare at the two men that are with the women. The guy next to Marie whispers something in her ear while putting his arm around her. I can see that she’s enjoying the attention very much. “Typical!” I thought. “Marie was always a bit of a flirt.”


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If you love illicit creampies and naughty endings, then Family Pies is a great site for incest related internal cumshots. This scene features Vanna Bardot and her evil step brother. She went out for News Years Party and he stayed home, and when she gets home she finds him naked on the couch! Well, one things leads to another and soon he’s fucking her good and proper, totally bareback without a care in the world. Her pussy control is strong, and she’s really milking on his cock, so much so that he loses control and ends up pumping a big load of cum into his step sisters fertile cunt! Oh no, it’s going to be an interesting new year!

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