Pam rents Mike’s Apartment

pam pays the rent on mikes aparetment

Pam really seems to enjoy paying the rent, no?

This guy Mike is pretty smart. He bought this condo in Amsterdam, a very popular spot for students and backpacker types to visit, I suspect mostly because of the free flowing pot that can be bought and smoked at the coffee shops. Well, Mike put an ad in the local newspaper that he has a room for rent, and the rental rates are, well, negotiable. He gets all sorts of eurotrash hotties coming through looking to save some money, and they are more than willing to pay the rent in so many enjoyable ways.

Pam here is a great example. Tight, tiny tits, nice face, and a dripping wet pussy… Pam has no problem getting naked and taking a major fucking to pay for the room for a few days. She loves to fuck, and it isn’t long before she is up top riding that cock for all it’s worth…

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