Party Play

Somehow over the course of the party, eight people ended up locked in a bedroom, me being one of them, playing a game that I didn’t understand, where the consequences were loosing clothes. Needless to say, mine ended up in a pile on the floor next to me pretty quickly. Four guys, three girls in various states of undress and the party’s host, Terry, passed out on the bed. I had started out the night wearing a cute blue top and white capri pants. Not knowing I would end up without them, I was glad I had chosen a sexy combo of a pink lace bra with a matching sheer thong. Very early in the game I had been the first one in nothing but my underwear. I was quickly joined by several others. By the time my buzz had caught up with me, it was me in my panties and bra, Jessica in her black lace boyshort panties and white tank, Lacy in a pair of jeans and green bra, James in his boxers, Devin in his jeans and no shirt, Toby in a t shirt and boxers and Kevin fully clothed in a polo and cargo shorts.

I was left with the unsettling feeling that I was going to be the first one completely naked along with the fact that I only knew two people in the room, Lacy and James. The unsettling quickly faded and became replaced with a curiosity of the others and a bit of naughty thought as I played out the end of the game in my head. After all, it hadn’t been my first time playing a strip game. After a few more rounds, I was topless, holding my c-cup breasts in my hands, trying to hide the excitement in my nipples, which wasn’t helped by the cool air in the room. Jessica had lost her panties and was sitting bashfully trying to hide her sweet kitty from everyone’s exploring eyes. Lacy was left in her green bra and matching thong while James was still in his boxers, the other two, Devin and Toby were both down to their boxers.

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By now I had figured out that Jessica and Toby were an item and were trying to help each other, but to no avail. Toby was having to deal with the fact that we were all trying to peek between her thighs at her cleanly shaven mound.


Before I knew it, I was sitting Indian style, completely naked, barely trying to hide anything I had. By now I was ok with all seeing my perky breasts with their erect nipples and my bare swelling lips. After loosing her tank and standing completely naked in front of us, Jessica decided it was time to round up Toby and leave the room. It was down to Lacy, still in her bra and panties, James in his boxers and Devin in his. I knew continuing to play the game after loosing all my clothes, if I lost again, I would be subject to a dare, but that didn’t bother me. In fact, it excited me and I only hoped I might get to do something that would get me off, or at least give me a memory to go home and get off to. I could tell by looking across the circle we were sitting in that Devin’s cock had risen in his boxers and he was making no attempts to hide it. I had never met Devin, but by seeing the tent pitched in his boxers, I was hoping I could see more of him. Just imagining what it would look like springing out of his shorts, I could feel the wetness between my legs and the warmth increasing between my thighs.

Another round came and went and down came the boy’s briefs. Devin wasn’t shy and stood up. Leaning up to my knees and reaching across the circle, I grabbed the bottom of his shorts and gave them a firm yank towards the floor. Watching his fully erect member spring free and hearing the skin to skin slap on his stomach did nothing but excite my lower lips even more. Devin was completely shaved which helped the size of his cock stand out even more. While I was leaned across the circle, on all fours, pulling his Devin’s boxers from his feet, James reached over and gave a firm slam onto the cheek of my ass. Catching me off guard as my attention was focused on thinking about Devin’s cock, I jumped back with a scream. We all made a quick look over at Terry, who was the only one fully clothed on the bed, he hadn’t moved. He was still out, didn’t even budge by the loud squelch.

Devin sat back down, his eight inch cock pointing at the ceiling as James slid his boxers down his legs and over his feet as he stayed seated. James’ cock hadn’t reached its full potential yet, but you could tell it was going to be shorter than Devin’s, though much thicker. James was well trimmed around his cock and had freshly shaven his balls as if he was anticipating some action at the party. I couldn’t help but take several looks back and forth at both the boys excited members. The art on display hadn’t gotten past Lacy either, she was trying to be coy, but I caught her taking several extended looks as the boys settled in for another round.

The reality set in that one or several of us would be taking a dare on the next round, so a few rules were set. The first being that the dare would last for fifteen seconds, next it could not involve actual sex, but foreplay was on the table. Next, if there was only one looser then they would do a dare alone, if there was more than one looser then they would do the dare together. The final being it included both sexes, two or more people. Meaning girl/girl, guy/guy, guy/girl/girl and so on. I had never seen any boys messing around with each other, I wasn’t completely turned on by the thought, but maybe something quick wouldn’t hurt, but then again, one of us would have to propose the dare and I felt pretty sure that James and Devin wouldn’t volunteer.

And of course, I loose the next round and not only do I loose but I’m the sole looser. Great feeling right. I’m thinking they’re gonna make me finger myself in front of them. Not that I would have been against it, but Devin was the first to blurt out the challenge.

“You have to sit on Terry’s face and grind.”

“WHAT!” I was a bit taken back. The last thing I wanted was for him to wake up and my pussy juices be running down his face while I’m humping away on him.

“He’s not gonna wake up, he shit faced.” Lacy responded.

She didn’t even a have my back. James reached over and shook Terry, who was laying on his back, head flat on the bed. Hesitantly I stood up. Devin told me to sit on Terry’s face facing them, which meant my ass would be up around his eyes and my swollen lips around his mouth. I carefully climbed on the bed and reached my leg over Terry’s limp body. Straddling his face on my knees, my heat was just inches from his face. Taking a nervous look back at the group, I saw eyes of excitement upon me. Lacy volunteered to count as I lowered my leaky lips down to Terry’s face. As I landed, Terry’s nose poked right into my asshole, sending a tantalizing chill throughout my inner walls. I could feel my pussy soaking itself as I began to slid back and forth on Terry’s face. I rubbed my glistening slit over Terry’s lips, leaving behind a taste of myself for when he woke up. As the excitement started to fill me, I arched my back, causing Terry’s nose to slip from my asshole and into my slit, spreading my lips and slipping just inside me. I let out a moan as I began to gyrate my hips, virtually fucking his nose. Lacy got to fifteen and I didn’t want to stop, but she yelled “TIME!” Causing me to pounce off of Terry, back to floor fearing it would wake him up. With my pussy in my hand as I huddled on the floor, scared of being discovered, I look back at Terry. His whole face glistened from the liquid I had so pleasure fully deposited, and he didn’t even flinch. I wanted nothing more than to finger bang myself to orgasm right there, but there was more game to be played.

Relaxing a bit, I checked out Devin and James and noticed both had their cocks in their hand, James’ being fully loaded by this point.

“Like that did you guys?” I asked.

“Not as much as you did.” James smarted back.

A slight blush came over me as I covered my swollen honey with my hands, leaving my pink nipples staring at them, and them staring back. I could tell Lacy had gotten excited by watching my dare and was softy teasing her clit through her panties as she hid her hands between her legs as she was seated with her legs straight out and crossed. The next round Lacy lost and boldly slid her bra down her arms and exposed her swollen rosie nipples on her large c cup breasts. Hers were a fuller cup than mine, but weren’t as perky. The boys were caught staring and James had to be reminded that he lost as well.

Before we had time to think of a dare, Lacy blurted out “You have to stroke your cock for us.” Devin made no statements as he turned away not wanted to see it as James took his thick member in his hand and slowly stroked the length of his cock while looking back and forth into Lacy’s eyes, then mine. It was obvious he was trying to focus on something else so he wouldn’t loose it and blow his load and shoot a stream of warm cum across the circle onto us. I counted down and the seconds came and passed and James was relieved to be done with the dare.

The next round came and went as Lacy and I lost. Lacy had it easy as she stayed seated and slid her green thong, which had developed a darker shade of green, down her smooth legs, exposing a freshly shaved mound. Her clit was in an obvious state of swollen that she tried to hide by keeping her legs together. She tossed them to the side as the two boys began whispering to each other about the dare that I must carry out. Again, before anything could be agreed upon, Lacy chimed in and said I must give James a lap dance, a nude lap dance, with James’ cock at full mast. I tried to act shy, but I was aching to feel his cock on me.

James stood up as Devin slid the desk chair out into the middle of the room. I could see the disappointment in Devin’s face knowing the dance wasn’t for him. James sat in the chair with his cock pointing straight up. There was no way I would be able to give him an appropriate dance without his cock rubbing between my legs. I stood in front of James with my bare back to him. I started dancing, which was a bit awkward without any music. I lowered my ass into his lap and felt his hard cock slid between the cheeks of my ass. I circled my ass in his lap, while his cock was pinned between my ass and his lap. I spread my legs and straddled the chair and lifted up off his lap. His cock sprang from my ass cheeks and came to rest in front of my pussy. Looking down, I could see his swollen head peaking out from between my lips. I lowered back down and rubbed my ass in and out of his lap, sliding his cock between the wetness of my lips. I could feel my lips spread slightly as my juices began coating his cock. I heard James let out a moan as I tried to contain my own. I stood up and turned around, again straddling the chair. I pinned his cock between my swollen clit and his stomach as I grinded up and down the length of his cock. He was well lubricated by my warm juices and I was easily sliding up and down his cock. James, who had contained his hands until now, began sliding them up and down my sides, testing how far I would let him go. Before I knew it, he was cupping both of my breasts. As he began to flick over my hard nipples with his fingers, I quickly stood up and turned around again. Standing in front of him with my legs together, I lowered my ass back into his lap. I sat higher on his lap this time, pinning his cock between his lap as it rested on the warmth of my pussy. I slid up his lap and felt the head of his cock reach my eager hole. Feeling it dip in just a little bit with the pressure, I slammed forward and the whole length of his cock plunged deep into my pussy. James let out a load groan as I began circling his lap with my hips while his cock was inside me. I raised off his lap, sliding his cock out and stopping just as his head was about to come out of me. Again, I slammed back down, causing him to let out another groan.

“TIME” Lacy yelled. Causing all of us to look over at Terry, expecting him to wake and see me fucking James right in front of him. Nothing. Terry didn’t budge.

I stood up and heard James cock spring out and slap against his stomach. I slid my hand down to my pussy and rubbed my fingers over my lips, feeling all the juices leaking from my loosened pussy. I sat back down next to Lacy and looked at James, who was still sitting in the chair, my juices glistening on his cock. He took his cock in his hands and gave it a couple of smooth strokes before sitting back down in the circle for the next round.

As the next round came to a close, Lacy and Devin found themselves as losers. I quickly dared Devin to eat Lacy’s pussy. Lacy blushed as Devin was already getting in position on the floor in front of her legs. Lacy bashfully spread her legs as she held her hands over her face. Devin crawled up to her warm, swollen mound. As Devin’s tongue began to circle Lacy’s clit, as I sat behind her and aligned my legs with hers. She laid her head on my shoulder as I stroked my fingers through her hair. Lacy let out a combination of moans as Devin increased his pace around her clit. My hands found their way to Lacy’s breasts and I began massaging them as she put her legs over Devin’s shoulders, giving him more access to her slit. He began licking the length of Lacy’s clit as her moaning increased. I could tell she was nearing orgasm and I knew the time was going to run out before she could reach it. I wasn’t going to stop it though.

“TIME!” James blurted out. I could see the disappointment in Lacy’s face, the look of being cheated out of an orgasm. Devin sat up with a face full of Lacy’s pussy juice. Lacy’s whole body relaxed and leaned into me. After regaining some of her composure, she sat up and I moved from behind her. I knew James called it so we could get on with the game and he could receive or give the next dare.

The next round found James as the only winner, as unwanted as it may have been. James delivered the next dare as me giving Devin head while Lacy ate me out. Without hesitation, I stood up and guided Devin into the chair. I sat Devin down as I dropped to my knees. I turned to Lacy and motioned her over to us. I guided her to lay on her back, just in front of the chair. I straddled her and lowered down to my knees. Taking Devin’s cock in my hand, I gave it a few strokes before I opened my mouth and took in just his head. As I began tracing circles around the head of his cock with my tongue, I lowered my ass over Lacy’s face and her soft tongue found the slit between my legs. She made several passes up and down the length of my slit before focusing on my clit. She flickered her tongue back and forth over my clit, quickly finding a rhythm that caused me to begin moaning on Devin’s cock. I was now taking his whole cock in my mouth, all the way down and all the way up, adding in a twist of my head. I firmly grabbed the base of his shaft as I feverously bobbed up and down, coating his cock with my saliva.

Lacy had her hands clinched on my ass, spreading me just enough for the juices to escape my pussy and drip onto her face. Feeling her hand slid over, she gently slid two fingers in me and began sliding them in and out of me. This clearly wasn’t going to get called at the time limit and James had had enough. He crawled between Lacy’s legs and spread them wide. He began a quick assault of her clit as she quickened her finger fucking of me. I knew I was close to orgasm and began bucking my hips along with the pace of her fingers. Reaching a massive orgasm, I pulled the cock from my mouth and began a little moaning and a little more screaming as she continued to beat her fingers in and out of me. I felt my pussy explode as my cum came funneling out of me and splattered Lacy’s face. My legs quivering, I collapsed onto her face as I rested my head on Devin’s leg, still softly stroking his cock.

James had removed his tongue from Lacy’s clit and climbed up her body. James had gently begun thrusting his cock in and out of Lacy’s stretched pussy as she moaned into my splattered pussy that was muzzling her mouth. I stood up, releasing her mouth and faced Devin, who was still seated in the chair. I straddled his lap as I grabbed his cock. Lowering myself down, I guided his saliva covered cock into my still quivering pussy, I wanted to keep it going. I began sliding up and down on his cock as he massaged his hands into my breasts. He reached down and grabbed my ass, spreading my cheeks. Knowing James was behind me, thrusting his hard cock deep into Lacy’s pussy, I reached back and circled my finger around the bloom of my asshole. I pulled my hand away, and immediately felt a second set of hands on my ass. James had leaned in and I felt the wet warmth of his tongue against my ass, tracing the path my finger had just taken.

Lacy had reached her orgasm and was loudly moaning as James continued pounding in and out of her, splashing the cum from her pussy and onto the soft skin of her inner thighs. He had been pummeling her so hard, she had slid forward and her head was under the four legs of the chair, allowing him to get closer to my ass so he could lick and tease it. Lacy was holding onto my legs as her orgasm subsided and James pulled his cock from her cummy pussy. Both stood up and stood on either side of the chair. As I continued to ride Devin’s cock, I grabbed James’ cock in one hand and began stroking it as he played with my breasts. Lacy, on my other side, slid her hand to my ass and began to tease my ass hole. I began to massage her swollen red lips with my other hand as she slid a finger in me. She easily matched my rhythm and was fucking my ass while Devin’s eight inches was was splitting my lips and reaching deep inside me.

I could see the orgasm building in Devin’s eyes as I felt another of my own coming on. Devin’s entire body tensed up as our orgasms hit simultaneously. His warm cum exploded inside me just as the walls of my pussy tightened around his cock. I made a couple last pumps on his cock to ensure I milked him of all his hot cream before standing up. I held my hand over my heated pussy, preventing any cum from escaping. Still stroking James’ cock, I guided Lacy back to the floor and between my legs. I squatted over her as she opened her mouth, awaiting Devin’s cum from my pussy. I gently spread my lips and inserted a finger into my cum filled pussy. Sliding my finger out, a thick stream of cum followed and dripped into Lacy’s awaiting mouth. It was followed by several more large streams, filling her mouth to the point of overflowing. I couldn’t believe how much cum Devin had filled me with. After all his cum had dripped from my pussy, Lacy crawled out from under me and kneed beside me as I rested on my knees, stroking both cocks, James’s still rock hard and nearing orgasm and Devin’s as it went ever limp. Lacy leaned in and began kissing me with a mouth full of cum. Pushing the warm cream into my mouth with her tongue, I couldn’t fit it all and it oozed out past our lips and down our chins. She swallowed what she had left and I swallowed mine as James took his cock in his hand.

As Devin’s cock fell limp and exhausted, Lacy and I kneeled side by side as James began stroking himself in front of our faces. As he reached his breaking point, Lacy and I faced each other and pushed our breasts up together, giving him more than enough cleavage to blow his cream over. I began licking Devin’s cum off of Lacy’s chin as it was about to drip to the floor. As she switched to me, and licked a glob of cum off my chin as James blew his load and shot a stream of cum over our tits. Thick and a solid white, he shot several more before our tits were completely covered with his cum. As he finished and collapsed to the floor, Lacy and I began rubbing our tits together, mixing in all the streams he had shot on us. She reached over and began rubbing his cum into my skin as I leaned down and licked a glob off of her nipple. After a few more licks, we both fell to our backs.

Lying on my back, I rubbed my hands over my chest, allowing the rest of James’ cum to soak into the skin of my breasts. Lacy picked up her panties and wiped the remainder of Devin’s cum off my face, then wiped it off hers. I picked up my pink sheer thong and wiped the cum that escaped my pussy off the inside of my thighs. Giggling, I took the thong and walked over to Terry, who was still asleep on the bed. I unbuttoned his pants and slid the thong, along with my hand, down the front. I took his limp cock in my hand and stroked it several times before maneuvering the thong around his shaft. Leaving the cummy panties around his cock, I closed up his pants.

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