Sister Mary Francis hurried down the dark corridor while silently cursing herself, “Damn, I’m late again, I hope Mother Superior isn’t there yet!!!” Opening the large creaking door at the rear of the sanctuary, twenty sets of eyes turned to see who was late, and unfortunately, one pair belonged to Mother Superior Margaret!!! After Sister Mary Fran took her place in the fourth pew, the daily midnight vespers service continued uninterrupted for the next hour. Mary thought that she was out of the woods, until a hard rap on her door awakened her a three AM! “Sister Mary Francis,” a voice called through her door, “the Mother Superior wishes to see you in her chambers at once!!!” A cold sweat broke out over Mary’s body as she heard steps walking away from her door and on down the hall. Quickly donning her habit, she slipped on her shoes and began making the long walk to Mother Superior’s office. She could see a light shining under the office door, and with a great deal of trepidation she gave the giant oak door a hard knock, which resulted in a reverberation that filled the entire room! A voice from inside called out, “Come in, Mary Francis, it’s unlocked!”

As she pushed the heavy door open, Mary could see that the Mother Superior was seated behind her huge mahogany desk, while her assistant, Sister Ellen, sat in a stuffed chair off to one side. “Please take a seat,” said the Mother Superior, indicating with her hand which chair she wanted Mary to sit in! Mary quickly sat down and waited quietly while the Mother Superior just sat and stared at her for a few minutes. Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, the Mother Superior spoke, “Sister Mary Francis, how long have you been with us here at The Order of St. Catherine!?!” “Uh, about a year, ma’am,” Mary replied softly! “And in that year,” the Mother Superior continued, “how many times have you been sent to detention!?!” “I-I-I’m not sure, ma’am,” she stammered?!?” “Not sure,” the Mother Superior replied incredulously, “you have set the record for number of infractions in her first year, by far!!!” “Oh,” is all Mary could say in a small voice! “Sister Mary,” she continued, “do you really want to be a member of our order, or is this just some kind of game you’re playing, because if it is, I want it stopped right now, do you understand me!?!” “Yes, ma’am,” Mary replied with her head down! The Mother Superior leaned back in her chair and thought for a few minutes and then said, “We have tried every manner of punishment with you, save one, and if you wish to continue your stay with us, you will have to submit to some form of corporal punishment, it’s all that I can think of to turn you around!!!”

“Corporal punishment,” Mary thought to herself, “that means spanking and the such, she wouldn’t dare!!!” Her own thoughts were swept back to reality when the Mother Superior announced, “You will lift you habit, lay across Sister Ellen’s lap, and receive twenty strokes on your bare bottom, understood!?!” A mortified Mary just nodded her head, as she stood up and walked the few paces to Sister Ellen’s chair. “Lift you habit,” the Mother Superior intoned harshly, “pull down her under ware, Sister Ellen, and now, Sister Mary Francis, lay down across her lap!!!” Sister Mary Francis was only twenty three years old, and even though she was usually covered with her habit, she always sensed a bit of jealousy from her fellow sisters due to her frightfully well developed young body!!! Before Sister Ellen began with her punishment, a hand brushed softly over her bottom, while lingering for just a second on her puffy vagina!!! “Okay, Sister, begin,” ordered the Mother Superior!!! The first time Sister Ellen’s hand connected with her butt, it was more startling than painful, but as she went on, the heat radiated from her plump bottom, until she was crying like a baby!!! After ten strokes the Mother Superior’s voice cracked through the air with, “That’s enough for now, let’s rest for a moment and let the pain subside a little!!!” Again, a hand began to lightly caress her bottom, and this time, it made no pretense of feeling her vagina, as the very ends of the finger tips gently flicked back and forth over her very erect clitoris!!! “Sister Mary Francis,” the Mother Superior asked, “you seem to be sexually aroused, do you get this way often!?!” “Ma’am, Mary asked??? “A simple question, child,” she continued, “does your vagina get wet like this often!?!” “Sometimes,” a now confused Mary replied! “And what do you do when it does,” the Mother Superior asked? “Oh, god,” Mary thought, “what does she want me to say, I’m in deep enough now as it is!?!” “Do you masturbate,” the Mother Superior asked, “when your vagina gets all wet an gooey?!?” Before she could reply, a finger actually slipped inside of her and started making direct contact with her now swollen clit!!! “With a vagina like this,” the Mother Superior went on, “I’m sure you must masturbate often, am I correct in that assumption!?!” ‘Yes,” gasped Mary, as the stern mistress worked over her clit mercilessly!!!

“Very good, Sister Mary, are you close to having an orgasm right now!?!” Instead of answering, Mary’s pussy lurched, and her whole body shook as it was literally attacked by her climax, leaving her as limp as an old dish rag across Sister Ellen’s lap!!! “My, my,” the Mother Superior said softly, “our little trouble maker has a very naughty vagina, wouldn’t you say so, Sister Ellen!?!” “Oh, yes,” Sister Ellen chimed in, “she has a very naughty vagina and clitoris!!!” “Do you think that it’s fair that she has all of the fun,” asked the Mother Superior?!? “No, I don’t,” replied Sister Ellen, “what do you think we should do to rectify that situation?!?” As the two older sisters were talking, Mary’s head was spinning from the events that had just transpired, but she was aware enough about what was going on when the Mother Superior offered, “Do you think we should have her lick our vaginas so we can have climaxes too!?!” “If she won’t do it, we can always give her one hundred more stroke on her bare bottom,” replied Sister Ellen!!! The next thing Mary saw was the huge hairy cunt of the Mother Superior as she sat back in her chair with her legs spread wide apart!!! “My dear,” she said softly, “in order to receive absolution, you must drink at the fountain of the Mother Superior, do you understand me?!?” “Yes, ma’am,” Mary replied softly, “I understand,” and a second later the Mother Superior’s vagina was being tongue fucked by the pretty young sister!!! “Oh, Sister Ellen,” the Mother Superior moaned, “she has an absolutely wonderful mouth, and she knows exactly where the best spots are!!! So for the next ten minutes, Sister Mary Francis, the youngest and prettiest nun in the convent, paid oral homage to the head of the order, Mother Superior Rachel Margaret!!! As her orgasm built up, the Mother Superior’s language grew more crude, and she ordered Sister Ellen to lift her habit and show her her breasts!!! “Look, Sister Mary,” she moaned, “look at Sister Ellen’s chest, she never wears a bra under her habit, just so that I can feel or suck them whenever I need to!!!” Mary lifted her head for just a second or two, and much to her surprise, she could see the Sister Ellen did indeed have an very large and full set of breasts!!! “Sister Ellen has always performed the service you are doing right now,” the Mother Superior continued, “but every once in a while we get one of the younger sisters to come in and suck us both off, and I must say, your mouth has been designed by God to fit so perfectly in my vagina!!!

Mary could sense that the Mother Superior was about to cum, as the older woman’s thighs tensed up, and she thrust her vagina hard into the young sister’s mouth!!! “Oh yes, do your penance,” moaned the Mother Superior, “drink at the alter of lust between my legs and lick at its seat of divine passion!!!” Out of the corner of her eye, Mary could see that Sister Ellen had now directed the nipple from one of her big breasts into the Mother Superior’s mouth!!! Now, the only sounds in the room were the sucking a licking noises coming from the Mother Superior’s pussy and Sister Ellen’s nipple, that is until, the Mother Superior’s cunt contracted, and she let out with a loud groan that filled the room!!! Seconds later, Sister Ellen too had and orgasm, as she had been masturbating her pussy while getting her big nipples sucked!!!

It was to be sure an unreal sight, three woman of the cloth, with their habits pulled up, and with their pussies exposed, pleasuring each other with their mouths and fingers!!! Mother Superior Rachel Marie stood while smoothing her habit and said sharply, “Straighten yourself up now, girl, and go back to your room, and if there is anymore trouble, you’ll end up right back here for some more punishment, do you understand!?!” “Yes, ma’am,” she replied, as she slipped out of the room, “I know exactly what you mean!!!”

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