Picking up the black stranger

Last night as I was heading home from the gym I passed a really gorgeous black babe on the street on the way to my car. Without thinking the words “Shit you’re gorgeous” just flew out of my mouth. Just as I’d said it I knew that was the dumbest thing to say. To my surprise she said “Thanks” and we started to talk.

The friend she was waiting for had just called and cancelled their evening in town. So I offered to give her a ride home. In the car I had a really tough time not staring at her cleavage. She noticed and the conversation quickly turned to the subject of sex. When we got to her place she said: “Would you like to come in for a…” and she kissed me pasionately. Hell yeah! 

You really want to see these? My cum all over her tits!

Quickly I pulled out of her and moved up so I could slide it in between her tits. She loved it and so did I. It didn’t take me long to shoot everything all over her gorgeous rack. As she sucked my cock clean I knew this had been a perfect day.

As we got dressed she asked for my phone number in case her friend ever cancelled on her again. Of course I gave it to her…