playing marbles

I was so thirsty!  So on my way home from class I stopped at 7-11 for a drink.  When I was walking to the back of the store, I passed by the section with all of the toys.  Glancing over, a small bag of marbles caught my eye.  I haven’t played marbles for EVER!  They were only 10 baht, and I reached down to get them.  As I was about to grab them I changed my mind.  “What am I going to do with these things anyways?”

I kept walking to the cooler in the back and got a new flavor of cold tea, mango.  On my way up to pay, I passed by the same section.  This time I could not resist.  I reached down, snatched the marbles and hurried up to the counter.  It was a little embarassing buying the marbles, but I pretended they were for someone else!

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