Rebild Fest

First of all happy 4th of July to all you Americans.

The 4th of July is also the day for the annual Rebild Fest in Denmark which was held today for the 94th time. The idea is to pay tribute to the strong ties that has always existed between Denmark and the US. This year nearly 8000 Danes, Americans living here and decendants of Americans participated the festivities which includes speeches by ministers and business people.

I wasn’t there myself although I have though about going for several years now. The Rebild Fest is an event of some political interest as it is a measure of our relationsship with the US. A relationsship that has always been good and that I firmly believe should also be so. Especially the way the world has gone since 9/11.

So in order to show my respect I think I’ll go have a beer to salute this Danish/American relationsship in my own way. And with that as I started… happy 4th of July to all Americans :-)