Slacker Search Phrases…

I know, I know I’ve been totally slacking on my posts lately.  It’s not my fault I am overwhelmed with work right now.  That’s a good thing, and I will be debuting a new site come Monday, but just to show you I still love my fans and haven’t completely forgotten you, here are some funny search phrases for the month of May.

  • rooting milfs (huh?)
  • beauty pornstar anal violent (cool, a haiku)
  • nude scott stapp (awesome, exactly the type of traffic I am looking for)
  • 20 dicks in one chick porn (I don’t think that’s physically possible, maybe 5 but that’s pushing it)
  • Jewish Girls (what if a Rabbi stumbled on this site by accident, oy vei)
  • is taylor rain escorting (I thought I heard that she was pregnant, so she probably could use some extra cash – I could be misinformed however and Google is a useless tool apprently)
  • www com ugly fat sluts porn (a man with good taste in porn)
  • cum quenched whore (who need gatorade?)

Sorry, this month wasn’t as good as the previous months.  Of course I’m still getting results for meth whores, but I figure after two months of mentioning it, the meth whores term really needs to be retired.  Well hopefully we’ll get some more retarded requests for June when the college kids get home and start jerking off at their parents home.