Spin The Bottle

Alex hated parties. HATED them. All his friends went to parties and had incredible fun, while Alex sat in the corner sipping a lite beer wishing he was home. He couldn’t help it. He wanted to fit in, but when those sorts of situations arose he felt awkward and humiliated. So, when he was invited by a group of friends to a party that was going to be held at one of their places, at first he was reluctant to go, knowing that he would end up looking forward to going only to wish to God that he could go home five minutes in. Knowing this, he only felt guilty because it was a group of people who held very private parties, and Alex felt privileged to be invited.

As always, it was mainly couples who attended: Michael and Johanna, Kitch and Alice, Erinn and Joseph and Tess and James. Alex knew that he would feel dumb going to a couples party without a couple, but he had had enough disastrous encounters with the opposite sex to last him a good many years, so he decided to stiff it out and TRY to enjoy himself.

The party was scheduled for 7:00pm Wednesday night, and the date slowly approached ever closer as Alex went to work and came home. On the night he decided to go for the casual look, wearing a simple white shirt and brown shorts with a black jacket. He drove out there and arrived at almost precisely 7:00. He got out of his car feeling pleased with himself that he was being so prompt, and knocked on the door.

Johanna, since the party was being held at her place, opened the door, smiling broadly when she saw who it was.

“Hey,” she said, opening the door to let him in. “Welcome to the party.”

“Uh…thanks,” said Alex, already feeling awkward as he walked in. Everybody was already there. Alice was sitting in Kitch’s lap, while Erinn, Joseph, Tess and James sat around the small table in the centre of the apartment. There were four bedrooms, which surprised Alex for such a small room.

“Hey everyone!” said Johanna. “Look who’s here!”

“Hey! It’s Alex!” said everyone happily, with Michael raising his glass.

“Uh…hi,” said Alex, awkwardly.

“OK. Now that everyone is here, we can start games!” said Johanna. “Alex, there are drinks in the fridge: help yourself,” she said to him, lightly touching his arm.

Alex had to look at the ceiling to keep from blushing. Being a virgin at a clearly NON-virgin party was difficult, and it didn’t help that all the girls there were smoking hot. Johanna had long, shapely legs that went all the way up to her hips and small but prominent breasts that were concealed behind a tight t-shirt bearing the slogan: “Angels on Earth”. He hurried to the back to grab a drink, hurriedly sucking on the opening of the bottle.

Everyone was gathering in a circle on the small area of cleared floor, so Alex joined them, sitting between James and Kitch. Johanna went into one of the rooms and came out holding a shining silver bottle.

“We’re not going to play spin the bottle are we?” said Alex jokingly to James.

James laughed. “No,” he scoffed. “How old do you think we are?”

Alex grinned.

“That bottle there gets spun and picks out two people. Then, those two people have to fuck.”

Alex spat out the beer he was drinking in shock.

“What?!” he spluttered.

“That’s the game. We do it at every party we have,” said James calmly as Johanna sat down between Alice and Tess. “We spin the bottle until everybody has a partner, then we go off into the rooms and have casual sex.”

“But…what…but…if it lands on two…guys??” said Alex, choking.

James laughed.

“No, it’s only girl on guy tonight.”

Johanna placed the bottle in the centre of the circle and gave it a mighty spin.

Alex watched in shock as it slowly stopped, pointing directly at him.

Everyone woo-ed and cheered and slapped him on the back.

Alex stood up straight away.

“No,” he said, shaking his head. “Na-uh. I didn’t realise you guys would be playing SEX games!”

“Sit down Alex!” said Kitch laughing and pulling on his arm. “You’ll get used to it!”

Alex was pulled to the ground and before he could do anything else, Johanna spun the bottle again. Round and round it turned, coming to rest pointing clearly at an area of wall between Alice and Johanna.

Everyone was silent for a minute.

“Wow,” said Tess. “That’s never happened before.”

“I guess that means he gets both of them,” said Joseph grinning.

“What??” said Alex, his eyes boggling.

Everyone nodded in agreement, and Alice and Johanna stood up, seemingly oblivious to Alex’s mental disbelief.

Alex found himself staring, with eyes that were still boggling, at Alice and Johanna, who were sitting on the queen-sized bed.

Alice sighed and looked at her watch.

Leaning forward towards Alex, she said: “Alex. It’s been nearly ten minutes and you haven’t said or done anything. Are you OK?”

Alex just stared blankly.

The sounds of thumping and high pitched muffled screams echoed though the wall of the adjacent bedroom.

Alice sighed again.

“Well, I came here for sex and I’m not leaving here without it. Johanna?”

Johanna turned to look at Alice.

Alice put her hand on Johanna’s face and leaned in, passionately kissing her. Johanna moaned, kissing her back and running her fingers through Alice’s hair as they lay down slowly on the bed. Alice’s hand moved gradually down from Johanna’s face to her crotch, which she roughly gripped and massaged. Johanna, who seemed to like this, moaned even harder, rolling over on top of Alice, grabbing her breasts and running her hands over them.

Alice giggled, and Johanna sat up, straddling her, and took off her shirt.

Two of the most sumptuous, spectacular, delicious breasts Alex had ever seen tumbled out from underneath, bouncing up and down as if in slow motion as she moved. Her nipples were small, but standing on end as they disappeared inside Alice’s warm mouth. While taking her breasts in her mouth, Alice fumbled at both Johanna’s and her own zippers on their shorts, revealing a portion of the underwear concealed beneath it. Alex was surprised to see that Johanna had very luxuriant red lace panties on, while Alice had plain flower-imprint white. It was this sight that broke Alex out of his trance, and sent him scrambling to rip off all his clothes and jump desperately onto the bed. If this was going down, he didn’t want to miss being a part of it.

He ran his hands nervously over Johanna’s exposed back, and jumped when she spun around and wrapped her arms around him.

The feeling of flesh on flesh at that moment was a feeling Alex would never, ever forget. He was most surprised at the warmth she radiated, which is something you just can’t replicate when you’re at home practicing.

She leant in and pressed her lips against his, and only after a second did Alex realise she was kissing him. Cursing himself, he tried desperately to simulate something similar to what he’d seen in the movies. After a while, Johanna broke off.

“Have you EVER kissed someone?” she asked.

“Umm…no,” said Alex, ashamed.

“Look,” she said. “Alice and I are here for sex. We want to get the best sex we can get from whoever we’re with. We’ll show you how to do it so good you’ll even have that prissy slut Marlene from Floor 32 crying out for more!”

“Yeah,” said Alice grinning. “When you kiss, you just need to let go of what you’re thinking, and let what you’re FEELING take over. How you truly feel for someone is expressed only through feeling and not through thought. Like this…”

She leaned into Alex and tenderly pressed her lips to his, starting slow then pressing harder against his face. Alex felt her tongue slide though his lips, pressing against his teeth and the roof of his mouth. All thoughts seemed to melt away in that kiss, and Alex felt his own tongue pressing into Alice’s mouth, which accepted it gratefully and caressed it.

That kiss seemed to go on for ever, and was even more perfect than Alex could have even DREAMED it to be. When Alice broke away, Alex kept his eyes shut, savouring the taste of Alice’s mouth and the strawberries she had eaten before sitting down to start playing the game.

He opened his eyes wide when he felt the place Johanna kissed next.

“That was brilliant,” said Alice, sighing deeply, but Alex was having a hard time concentrating as Johanna’s head kept bobbing up and down. Alice, realising what was happening, smiled broadly and started kissing his chest.

“Oh god,” whispered Alex as he felt himself cumming. At the last possible moment, Johanna pulled away, robbing Alex of a climax.

“Not yet,” she said coyly, leaning back and sliding her shorts and panties off. She was now completely naked, legs spread invitingly before him.

It was the most beautiful sight Alex had ever seen. Her tanned legs blended perfectly into her upper thighs which continued to shapely hips and a rounded ass. Her stomach was flat, rising slightly where her ribs began then curved off at her spectacular breasts. Her long arms and hands were caressing the inside of her legs, her mouth open slightly as she stared alluringly at him.

Alex, almost salivating at the sight, quickly lay down on top of her, using his hands to guide his dick into position. But Johanna pushed him away, saying: “Nah-uh. Not yet. First, you have to go down on a lady.”

With that, she pressed his head downwards to between her legs so that a neatly cut bush was rubbing against his face.

He had never in his whole life been this close to a woman’s pussy before, and he didn’t know how to make heads nor tails of it. It smelled oddly alluring somehow, so Alex hesitantly decided to kiss the folds of flesh he saw before him.

Johanna’s head said from somewhere north: “That’s it. Kiss, lick and suck the area around first…then move in…ahhh…”

She gasped in pleasure as Alex began to familiarise himself with her area. From cautious kisses to broad licks, by the time Johanna thought he was competent enough Alex could practically tie knots in her labia with his tongue. Leaving her weak kneed, Alex slowly extracted himself from her feeling rather pleased.

“Don’t forget about me hot stuff!” said Alice, pulling Alex’s head down between her legs.

Alice was shorter than Johanna, but no less attractive. She had small slightly chubby legs and nice, tight breasts that she loved to show off. She always wore tight pants, which is what attracted Alex to her in the first place, and he always longed to know what was under those gorgeous stretched trousers.

Now, he was millimetres away from the area he had always dreamed of seeing.

Her bush was also trimmed to a neat little brown patch, and she had a small slit that was her pussy. It seemed to breathe in and out to the motion of Alice’s body, and Alex dove in aggressively, making her cry out.

“Uh…yeah…that’s it! Right there! Oh!!”

She clamped her legs onto Alex’s head tightly, wrapping them around his neck, thrusting her hips into his mouth as he brought her closer and closer to a bone-shaking climax.

Her fingers ran though his hair and her legs pressed together tighter as her body shook with the built up energy that only sex could release.

At the last possible moment, Alex stopped.

“WHAT?” gasped Alice. “What are you doing??”

Alex smiled. “Two can play at that game…”

Alice pouted and pressed him into the bed, sitting astride him over his quivering dick. Johanna sat in front of her, on Alex’s chest, pressing her drenched pussy down on his sternum. Alice reached around Johanna’s waist and started fingering her, while Alex rubbed his hands up and down Johanna’s thighs, relishing this sight.

Because Johanna blocked his view, Alex could only rely on feel to determine what Alice was doing.

With shocked excitement, he felt the rubber of an extra-large condom being rolled onto his dick. For a few moments after, he felt nothing, then the soft, warm feeling of the inside of Alice’s pussy.

It was absolutely unbelievable. Alice pressed her body right up behind Johanna, and they both moved up and down in a steady rhythm that made Alex almost scream with amazement.

Slowly they started, then gradually got faster and faster, Alice whimpering as the moment approached. Alex pushed himself into a sitting position, sandwiching Johanna back between Alice, who remained where she was. Alex wrapped his arms around them both, pressing his face into Johanna’s breasts which were still moist from Alice’s mouth. She enveloped his head in her arms, sliding her body up and down Alex’s torso.

Alice, with her arms still around Johanna, continued to finger her desperately, bringing her closer and closer to the orgasm that was rapidly approaching her. Alice’s whimperings had now become high pitched panting as she rammed herself down on Alex’s hard dick. She only had a relatively small pussy, and Alex had a surprisingly large penis, which meant that everything had to stretch a little bit more than it usually had to, but increased the pleasure she was receiving ten-fold. It was difficult to remain focussed on fingering Johanna, giving her but a taste of what Alice was experiencing. It was indescribable. She could feel pressure beginning to build deep in her belly, slowly spreading to her legs and the tips of her toes all the way to her arms and fingers.

Finally, after what seemed like an age, she broke into orgasm. She through her head back and let out one last scream as every muscle in her body tightened and released.

She had had orgasms before, but none of this magnitude. Her fingers stiffened, bringing Johanna to orgasm as well.

And, in the midst of all this pleasure, Alex came. The condom may have protected Alice, but it was the biggest load he had ever shot. He almost laughed in relief.

Here he was, press-ganged into having sex with two GORGEOUS women and he hadn’t buggered up once. It had gone better than he ever could have imagined. He was happy, and Alice and Johanna looked pretty happy too. Sweat was trickling down Alice’s forehead as she fell back off Alex’s dick, causing Johanna to fall back as well.

“Now THAT,” panted Alice, “is how you have sex.”

The next day, strange thumpings and loud pantings could be heard coming from the office on the 32nd floor. People passing pressed their ears to the door in confusion, finding it locked. It went on for nearly two hours when the door finally unlocked and a sweaty, dishevelled Marlene emerged followed by an extremely satisfied Alex.

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