Stranger on the Train

Missy Edwards stared out the window and marveled at the Nevada scenery! “Unbelievable,” she mumbled to herself, as the landscape of rock, desert, and mountains flew by while she relaxed in comfort on the Amtrak super liner. “It is beautiful, isn’t it,” commented her seat mate, a young man who appeared to be college age? “”It’s fantastic,” Missy replied, “the mixture of colors and landscape, well, it’s just incredible!!!” “I think so too,” he responded, while extending his hand and introducing himself, “my name’s Doug, Doug Granger!” “Taking his hand and looking him in the eye, Missy replied, “Nice to meet you Doug, I’m Missy Edwards.” They continued to watch the scenery fly by, occasionally commenting on something that caught their fantasy, but mostly just riding along in silence. As the sun began to set, Doug checked his watch and opined, “It’s about dinner time, care to join me in the dining car, Missy?” Missy gave him another quick once over, and replied, “Why not, let’s go!”

The two dinner partners spent the next hour and a half telling each other about their lives and in general enjoying each others company. Missy found out that Doug was junior at a university in the Bay area, and that he was on his way home for summer vacation in Ohio. Missy on the other hand, regaled Doug with stories about her own children, one of which she had just visited in Sacramento. So here she was, a middle aged woman with grown children, having a wonderful dinner with a man less than half her age!!! To make matters even more interesting, Doug had a habit of touching Missy’s hand when he was making a point in conversation, and even though she would never admit it, she couldn’t help but feel electricity sparking through her body at his mere touch!!! Receiving the undivided attention of a handsome twenty year old was an unbelievable ego booster for a fifty something married woman, and much to her chagrin, she began to flirt shamelessly with her young seat mate! After a final glass of wine, the two of them returned to their seats and settled down for the evening. Doug put on a pair of headphones, reclined his seat, and proceeded to doze off, while Missy, still high from the wine and company of the young man, tried to sleep, but instead just stared out into the blackness of the night. A slight shiver went through her, and she signaled the porter that she would like a blanket, and immediately covered up and slipped off to sleep.

The motion of the train kept her from falling into a deep slumber, and periodically she would be roused to consciousness by the gentle swaying of the rail car. During one of these moments, and still slightly woozy, she was sure she felt a hand on the inside of her thigh!!! Struggling to open her eyes, she was engulfed by the darkness of the night, and was not sure exactly what was happening, but as her senses sharpened, she realized that she was right, Doug had slid his hand under her blanket and was caressing the inside of her leg!!! She started to say something, but Doug put a finger over her lips and whispered in her ear, “You are incredibly sexy, I just had to feel your body, do you mind?!?” Her head was spinning, but the insistent fingers moving up her thigh were causing her vagina to drool in sexual anticipation! “I’m old enough to be your mother,” she whispered into his ear!!! “No mother ever was as sexy as you are, ” he replied quickly, as his hand reached the front of her panties and he could feel her wetness, oh my,” he continued, “and no mother could ever be as wet as you!!!” “Y-y-you’re crazy,” she whispered hoarsely, “what if someone sees us?!?” “It’s after midnight,” he responded, “everyone else is asleep, and anyway, it’s almost pitch dark in here!!!” “Lean against my shoulder,” he ordered, “and let me do you, okay!?!” She didn’t answer, but when her head hit his shoulder, he knew he had her!!! Now with complete boldness, Doug slipped his fingers in side her panty crotch and began gently fingering the older lady’s cunt! “Are you always this wet,” he asked softly, “I’ve heard that older woman are much more easily aroused than the younger ones, and I must say I agree with that!!!” Missy turned her face towards Doug’s, their lips met, and while Doug’s finger penetrated Missy’s well oiled pussy, their tongues intertwined in a deep French kiss!!! They pulled away and Missy whispered into his ear, “I feel so slutty, it’s unbelievable!!!” “You’re not slutty,” he whispered back to her, “just your pussy!!!” Hearing him talk about her vagina like that was incredibly exciting, as her own husband was very staid and straight laced and never used such vulgar language! Now, taking a cue from him, she asked, “Is your cock hard!?!” “Feel for yourself,” he shot back!!! Through the darkness, Missy’s hand wound its way down his belly until it encountered a thick hardness hidden in his pants! “My, god,” she hissed softly, “you are hard as a rock!!!” “Blue steel, baby,” he replied, “you want it?!?” “We can’t,” she whispered harshly, “what if someone sees us?!?” Doug, ignoring her question, and using his free hand, undid his belt and zipper, and with a little effort pulled his meat into the cool night air. “Touch it, bitch,” he ordered, and with a shaky hand she encircled his member, gripping it tightly, and moaning softly at its thickness!!!

“Ever had one that big, baby,” he asked!?! “No, never,” she stammered, “it’s huge, and so hard!!!” “Do you still feel slutty,” he asked!?! “Oh, god,” she moaned softly, “so slutty, oh so slutty!!!” “Do you know what sluts do,” he pressed on!?! “What,” she replied in a thick voice!?! “They suck, bitch,” he retorted quickly, “do you understand me?!?” “Yes,” she answered softly, I understand,” and with that, she dropped her head into his lap and took his thick penis into her warm mouth!!! Doug, feeling the reverberation of a moan on the end of his dick, bored his fingers hard into Missy’s sloppy wet pussy! “Okay,” he said softly, “let’s do it, now!!!” Missy knew exactly what Doug had in mind, and with the abandonment of a two dollar whore, she licked a swallowed his incredible hardon until it was erupting in her throat! When the first splash of cum connected with her mouth, her pussy wrenched hard around Doug’s probing fingers, and her own orgasm ripped through her crotch like the train they were riding in!!!

Not wanting to let go of Doug’s pecker, Missy kept her head in his lap for another ten minutes or so, just savoring the taste and texture of the young stud’s prick!!! Finally, Doug pulled her up and again kissed her hard on the mouth. “We’ve got one more night to go,” he said, “are you glad!?!” Missy found his hard cock with her hand, squeezed it, and replied, “Is that answer enough for you?!?”