Stuff – a – poppin’

Actually, it has been a pretty weird 10 days around here, with some personal issues once again eating up my time, but at this point for maybe some good at the end rather than bad or pain.  Resolution, clarity, and maybe a chance of something really decent is sitting about a month out, so I am keeping my eye out there.  It is a little stressful, but that’s okay.

It’s also been a weird week because CBGB’s closed, which was about the kewlest club int he world as far as I was concerned growing up.  A whole musical revolution came from that club, and it greatly shaped my appreciation for music other than (my at that time prefered) metal.  CBGBs closes story is here.

On the porn front, well, there is the new Summertime MILF site, which is pretty nice.  Home movie style POV stuff of a guy that spends his summer schlonging this incredible looking MILF with really big boobs and a great attitude.  You can see some Summertime MILF Movies over here.

I have some other stuff bubbling under, so probably more news before the week is over with some nice fresh stuff for ya :)