Sunday update

Good evening Guys,

  Thanks to everyone who showed up to my cam show this morning.  I had a great time, good chat and fabulous orgasms.  I have found that if I tighten my stomach muscles really hard for a few minutes before I cum and then keep them flexed while I am cumming my orgasm is so much more intense and lasts alot longer.  And as a side benefit I get an extra ab work out in for the day. lol

  Brett and I were planning on going to the movies and a nice dinner tonight but we ended up waiting too long for both of them.  I really think Brett procrastinated so long cause he said out too late last night and doesn’t feel good today, he won’t admit to it though. hehe

  We ended up eating at the little beer garden down the street.  It was good anyways and I finally convinced them to let me have vegetable soup in my fondue dish instead of the oil they want to try and feed me.  They think I am weird now but at least I will get my meal the way I want it for now on.  Now if only they had sweet potato fries.

  I’ll chat with you later.  Hope you had a great weekend.

      Kisses, Sammy