I’ve been horribly swamped this week.  Let’s see what can I drop on you, oh yeah I finished a new Jasmine Byrne section on Depraved Pornstars.  She’s such a good little whore.

Bunch of drama this week that I’m sick of thinking about so I’ll pop some Xanax and some red wine and I’ll pretend the week never happened.  Well most of the week at any rate.

I ran into Simon this week who couldn’t believe that I haven’t written about his sexcapades in quite a while.  I’m ashamed of myself…almost.  Ok, so what’s his latest adventure, oh yes I remember.

So apparently Simon fucked four different whores within 24 hours sans condom.  But it gets worse, because there is not one shower between any of those liaisons, not even a whores-bath or cleaning himself with some baby wipes.  Classy!

But before you think he’s some kind of perverted god, it should be noted that he only came once.  Oh, but as a counterpoint to that I don’t think he even knows two of the girls names.  Oh well, that’s Simon for you.

Anyway, I need to make some loot so I’m off to sling some more porn.

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