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Back To School and Back To Work

ashli orion schoolgirl uniform tiny titsThe hot girl in the sexy schoolgirl uniform is Ashli Orion, and she is hear to remind you that it’s back to school time. For those of you who have kids, I am sure you are happy to see them disappear each day and have to go to bed early. For those who have no kids, just consider it a warning about driving slower in school zones and don’t forget to watch the car in front of you as well as the uniforms. If you want schoolgirl uniform porn, check out Fresh Outta High School, that’s where I found Ashli!

Meanwhile, let’s see. US Election, Canadian Election, more polling than the olympic pole vault. Safe to say that everyone in those two countries have a chance to toss out the stupid bums that have been ruining things and replace them with other bums that will hopefully ruin it for someone else instead. Just remember, conservatives don’t want you to enjoy porn, so you know how I will be voting.

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