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Victoria Slurps Cock

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I found hotty Victoria over at Big Tits At Work.  Seems she is a delivery girl, and the package she is dropping off has been dropped a couple of times too many. When the customer threatens to report the problem, Victoria proposes a slightly different way of making up for any inconvenience.  She is quickly down on her knees sucking cock like a two dollar hooker, and it isn’t long before this girl is buck naked and getting fucked on the desk.

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A little extra work

Just as I relax between Christmas and New Years eve I am called by our new sales manager at the office. As usual some sort of problem that I need to take care of. Damnit! I am on vacation… at least a vacation on my couch.

The only reason I went to the office was because it was the sexy new sales manager Nikki we had just hired in early december. I had flirted heavily with her at the company christmas party but we didn’t do anything.

It quickly turned out that she wanted to make up for all the things we didn’t do at that party. She was the only one at the office when I got there. And her clothes sort of gave her intentions away.

Nikki didn’t try to hide her agenda at all. She said it out loud right away that she wanted me really bad. And before I could really do anything she sat on top of me. It would be a lie if I said I didn’t want her as well. As she started to unbutton her shirt I gave in and we started to kiss. As soon as I could I got her tits outs and started to suck on them.

She had awesome tits and she moaned loudly as I sucked and gently bit her nipples. She rubbed her pussy against my hardening cock in my pants. Damn she was hot. She started to unbutton my shirt and pants.

When she ripped my pants off my cock was rock hard and pointing right at her face. As she closed her lips around it a deep roar escaped my lips. She worked on my cock with her mouth fast and with great experience. Nikki could really give a blow job. 

I placed her on her new desk and slipped my cock inside her wet pussy. She moaned loudly and grabbed my tie. “Fuck me stud” she said in a manner that let me know she wanted it the hard way. She really didn’t have to tell me twice.

Her pussy eagerly absorbed every inch of my hard cock. She was soaking wet and her pussy was tight. Like a horny teenager I fucked her hard and fast until I was just about to squirt. I pulled out and pressed my cock against her clit. She grabbed my cock and put it back in her pussy. She was horny as hell and just wanted to be fucked.

It didn’t take long before she had what sounded like on hell of an orgasm.
As I felt her pussy contract around my cock I couldn’t hold it back any more. I wanted to squirt on her tits but Nikki had other plans. She grabbed my butt and pressed my cock all the way into her pussy. As she screamed “oh yes” I filled her pussy with my hot cum. That wasn’t the plan but damn it felt good to just fill her up with my juices.

As we both got dressed it turned out that there was no problem for me to fix at all. Except to scratch her itching pussy. A job I gladly did even though I am on vacation.

Office Christmas party gets wild

office party gets wild!Office Christmas parties are often a weird mix of suits, sexy outfits, bad sandwiches, and too much booze. It can be a combination for some very wild times indeed!

This office party is no exception. This girl spend her whole year running a tight ship, and teasing the boys with her huge tits. Well, get a little drink into her, and she is off to her office with this years Santa to give him a little ho ho hold me and fuck me. She isn’t shy about sucking him off while he enjoys her huge tits, and she is so fucking horny that she is sucking on a dildo while he is fucking her hard.

I know I couldn’t last long, and sure enough, Santa cums to town… all over her big tits. Nice big cum on my tits job there Santa… Mrs Claus would be proud!

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Tits at Work

tits at workEvery so often I spot a site that is so unique, so different, and so downright original that I have to say “hell yeah!”.

Tits at Work is a HELL YEAH!

The premise is both simple and fiendishly interguing. Hot looking girls with bigs tits at work, dealing with customers, or handling workers around thier house or office, and they aren’t too shy about showing off their truly stunning big tits. Now, I have seen this sort of thing at my old office before, and I really did enjoy getting nice look at the girl in accounting and her huge natural rack (yes, you know who you are, sweetie), but things never made it past the glance and enjoy stage.

Tits at Work takes it right to the end, and we are treated to these sexy girls down on their knees sucking cock, getting tit fucked, and then turned over and fucked hard RIGHT IN THE OFFICE!

Holy shit! Talk about meeting every man’s fantasy!

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