The Announcer

Blair Underwood scanned her notes as she made her way to the news desk for the afternoon telecast on WKLT. She used her pencil to scribble in some additional information in the margin, while at the same time, Terri Scott followed along at her arm, while trying to apply a last bit of makeup to Blair’s cheeks. It wasn’t as if she needed any help in the looks department, because to make a long story short, Blair was a stunner, a true blue eyed blonde with a killer smile and a great body!!! The news director was giving some last minute instructions to the cameramen, and as soon as her bottom touched her chair, Blair looked directly into the camera as the director counted down five, four, three, two, one, your on! With a smooth easy delivery Blair launched into the first story, about a large hurricane that was threatening the east coast, while Wade Turner, the news director, said to no one in particular, “One of these days she’s not gonna get here in time and we’ll be opening to an empty chair!!!” Martha Ames, the assistant director, just chuckled and replied, “Never been late in over four years, boss, I don’t think she’s going to start now!” Wade just shrugged his shoulders and nodded his head, while at the same time, he checked to make sure that his men were using the correct camera angles. Several minutes later, Blair segued into the first commercial break, and over the loud speaker, Wade informed her that everything was okay.

Two minutes later, the red light to camera three popped on, and Blair reported two more stories and then threw it over to Jack Olson, the afternoon weatherman. As Jack went into his spiel, Blair leaned back and relaxed, again taking a few moments to check out her copy. Just as Jack finished up with forecast, and the camera again was trained on Blair, incredibly, she felt hands under the desk gently pushing her legs apart!!! Momentarily stunned, Blair tripped over her next line, which caused just about everyone in the news room to turn and look, because it was so rare for Blair to make any kind of mistake at all! Quickly covering her tracks, Blair again moved easily through the next story, but much to her consternation, the hands beneath the desk grew more insistent, as they moved farther and farther up her inner thighs, until they were resting directly against her pussy!!! “Sweet jesus,” she thought to herself, “who could be doing this to me, it is so utterly brazen!!!” Reporting now like an robot, Blair squirmed uncomfortably as the fingers pulled the elastic away from her leg hole, and found their way right to her lips! On television in front of thousands of people, and she was being masturbated like there was no problem at all!!! Not only was Blair pretty and smart, but ever since she was a high schooler she had the ability to achieve incredible orgasms with the greatest of ease, and now, those insistent fingers were now lightly stroking her erect clitoris which was by now dying for more attention!!! It was unbelievably difficult to keep delivering the news without letting on that she was in terrible distress!

As the next commercial break came, Blair tried in vain to sneak a look under the desk to see who was making her pussy so very excited, bit a few seconds later the cameras began rolling, and Blair had to go back to reading the news, while the fingers in her pussy began probing more deeply! Now almost gritting her teeth, Blair was in a pitched battle to finish her segment without letting on what was happening under that desk!!! She was almost there, it was just about time for the sports, when out of the fingers were replaced by a low frequency vibrator, which naturally came to rest right on the tip of her clit!!! Not more that a second or two after the cameras turned to Frank Fox, the sports caster, Blair let out a low moan, that fortunately for her now one else heard, as everyone’s attention was now on Frank! Blair just sat there, now not even trying to fight it, but hoping that since she was going to cum, she could do it while off camera!!! Pushing her crotch forward in an attempt to put more pressure on her clit, the operator of the vibrator pulled it back just enough to keep her from going over the edge!!! As Jack finished up the last of the baseball scores, she barely heard him say, “And back to you, Blair!” Clearing her throat in an attempt to buy a little time, Blair plowed back into the news, at about the same time the vibrator plowed back into her now dripping muff! Although she was wearing a pretty heavy blouse, Blair’s nipples had long ago hardened, but now, they were showing through her blouse and stuck out like to little erections!!! “How ironic it was, that her last story was about sex in the white house, while under the news desk, her own vagina was beginning the spasmodic contracting that always preceded Blair’s climaxes!!! “…..and the president denied ever having a relationship with the young intern,” Blair intoned, while just at the moment her cunt let loose with an orgasm that normally would have found her screaming and shaking, but this time, however, all she could do was grit her teeth, clench the papers in her hands, and try to ride out the storm!!!

As the sweat popped out on her forehead, Blair looked straight into the camera said, “And that’s the news for this afternoon, join us tonight for the news a ten!!!” The hands and vibrator that had driven her to climax had now been removed, so Blair dropped her pencil to the floor, which enabled her to casually lean over and look under the desk! Almost as stunning as being fondled on while on the air, Blair found that the compartment under the desk was empty!!! She picked up her pencil and in a slightly confused state walked back to her office! On her way, several people stopped her to congratulate her on a fine broadcast. She nodded and mumbled thanks, and with glassy eyes she stumbled her way to her office. On her desk was a note, which she opened and read. “Blair, you were a very good girl, hope to have you again soon!” She folded the letter, dropped it into the waste basket and thought, “I can hardly wait!!!”