The day I learned how to play pool

This summer a small Friday Bar opened at my workplace. It’s open every friday afternoon and many of my collegues come there to have a single beer or drink before going home and relaxing in the weekend.
However when I went down there today there was a sign on the door saying that the bar would be closed today since a new pooltable would be delivered during the day.

As I am reading the sign a black guy comes up to me and asks me where the bar is, since he is here to set up a new pooltable. I show him the way and watch as he sets everything up. When he is done he asks me if I would like to play a game with him, so we can check that everything is in order. I tell him that I have never played before, so he would have to teach me the rules.

I pick up the cue and lean over the table before I realize that my tank top is clearly showing my massive cleavage. The guy can hardly keep his eyes away from me and I enjoy the attention but want more of it. The next ball is a little difficult to reach so I ask him to help me. He comes over and while we are discussing the direction of the shot, I feel his hand on my ass.


He grabs the back of my hair and makes me take it deeper into my mouth, just as he shoots his load. I have to swallow several times and still my mouth overflows with his cum.

I wipe off his cum with a towel from behind the bar as he puts his pants back on. Just before I put on my top he gives my nipples one last lick and we leave the bar together.
I tell him that I will call him if I ever need to have a pooltable set up at home and he thanks me for a good time and leaves.