The Night Guard

It was the wee hours of the morning in cell block D, and Jud Olson was in the middle of his second tour around tier three. All the lights were out, and it was so quiet that he could hear the rhythmic breathing of the inmates as he passed each cell. He checked his security punch clock, and its red numerals glowed back that it was 2:03AM, “Right on time,” he whispered to himself, as he continued his rounds. Occasionally stopping to make sure that a door was indeed locked, he moved quietly through corridor, until he came to cell 213. He stopped in front of the cell and in a low voice whispered, “Peters, you awake!?!” Out of the shadows stepped a thirty eight year old female dressed in a tee shirt an panties. “Okay, baby,” Jud ordered softly, let’s make it snappy, I’ve got a schedule to keep!!!” On the other side of the bars, Donna Peters dropped to her knees and waited impatiently while the night guard unzipped his trousers and pulled out his semi erect cock. “Is this what you want, cunt,” he ask wickedly, as she strained to suck the big pecker into her mouth!?! All he got in response were the loud sucking noises of a bitch in heat, a bitch that hadn’t had a cock in over six months!!! Jud stood silently for about three minutes, until finally he thrust his crotch forward and emptied his nut sack deep into the cock hungry inmate’s mouth, and after grudgingly giving up her prize, Jud slipped his cock back into his pants and continued with his rounds.

While she had enthusiastically sucked her first cock in half a year, her cunt was now totally wired and ready to explode, and since the oral devotion she had bestowed on Jud had only fanned the flame that burned in her loins, she lay back down in her bunk and let her fingers bury themselves in a very squishy cunt!!! As she lay there jerking her clit, and thinking about the load of cum she had swallowed just moments before, her cell mate, Cindy whispered hoarsely, “You gonna finally let me do it for you honey, my mouth can do you just as well as you did him!?!” In the six months she had been in prison, Donna had rebuffed all of the advances of her cell mate, but now, at this moment, the thought of having a mouth on her pussy was just too much, and in low voice she replied, “Okay, but make it quick, I’m hot as a fucking fire cracker!!!” In what seemed like just a second, Cindy scrambled off the top bunk and plopped her mouth directly against her very wet vagina! Donna made an “oomph” sound when Cindy’s tongue snaked into her steaming quim, and after only a minute or so of expertly administered oral servitude, Donna arched her back and thrust her hips forward as her orgasm rocketed through her well lubricated cunt!!!

The next morning while sitting in the dining room for breakfast, Cindy asked Donna how she got the guard, Jud Olson to stop and let her suck him off. “Donna looked around to make sure that no else was listening to their conversation, and replied quietly, “I had to pay him, fifty bucks, cash!” Cindy arched her brow and in an incredulous voice questioned, “Where in the hell did you get fifty dollars to pay for that!?!” “Shhhssshh, keep your voice down,” admonished Donna sharply, “do you want everyone in the place to hear you?!?” Cindy leaned forward and whispered intently, “Well, where did you get it, the fifty bucks I mean, you sure as hell couldn’t have made it in here!!!” Donna leaned towards Cindy and replied softly, “It was my sister, she paid him for me, met him and gave it to him in person!” “Wow,” Cindy said, “I wonder if my sister would do that for me?!?” “We have to be careful,” commented Donna, “we don’t want to scare him off, I think we should do everything through my sister, it would be safer that way, ‘cuz he already trusts her!!!” Cindy nodded her head excitedly and both women decided to make their plans later that evening back in their cell!

Later that evening, both women decided that each would have Donna’s sister pay fifty dollars each to Jud Olson. Cindy was in far worse shape that Donna, because it had been almost three years since she had even touched a hard pecker! “Tell me again, Donna,” Cindy begged, “how did he taste, was he big, did he shoot a big load for you!!!” Donna laughed a mischievous giggle, and replied, “Good, very, and huge!!! “Oh, god,” moaned Cindy, “I’m so fucking hot right now I could just die!!!” Even though the lights were still on, Cindy shoved down her panties and began rubbing her dripping slit with utter abandon, while Donna looked on helplessly as her cell mate frigged her erect clit to a earth shaking orgasm! “Jesus Christ,” muttered Cindy while trying to catch her breath, “I can’t wait “til next week!!!” “Lights out,” yelled a guard, and all over the cell block darkness fell in spurts and dashes as inmates extinguished their lamps. As the two woman settled into bed, Cindy whispered down to her friend, “Can I join you, I think we really need each other tonight!?!” After having watched Cindy masturbating, Donna’s own vagina was gooey with its own juices, and after a moments hesitation, replied, “Sure, okay, come on down,” and seconds later a totally naked Cindy slid under the covers and pressed her body against Donna’s. Cindy was trim and athletic, with small round firm breasts, while Donna was more voluptuous, with a large buxom chest that begged for attention, and as was usually the case when Donna made love, the first thing her partner did was bury his face in her sea of tit flesh! “God, you are big and soft,” moaned Cindy, as she let a large nipple pop into her mouth, to be sucked on greedily! Donna hadn’t had a god tit sucking since she was incarcerated, and feeling of a warm mouth on her chest was heavenly!!! Both women intertwined their legs together, until their puffy mounds made contact, and with just a little fine tuning, eventually their clits connected, and all it took was some steady pressure to bring both of them to a steaming, sweaty orgasm! As they lay in each other’s arms, talk returned to Jud and his magnificent cock, until a few minutes later they were fast asleep with visions of erections floating through their heads!!!

Tonight was the night, and Cindy was beside herself with anticipation! “I hope nothing goes wrong,” she said excitedly, “I can’t wait another day, I need it so fucking bad!!!” “Relax will you,” Donna said soothingly, “you still have five hours to go, so just take it easy!” “That’s easy for you to say,” she shot back, “you haven’t been without for three years like I have!!!” Donna laughed at her nervous friend, and went back to reading her magazine, every once in a while looking up to see Cindy fidgeting in her chair. “Lights out,” came the call, and pretty soon all the cell block was almost pitch dark, it was ten o’clock, just four hours to go! Neither girl got any sleep, and they both waited anxiously for the two o’clock rounds. It was quiet as a church mouse, and Cindy was the first to hear the sound of rubber soled shoes making their way down the corridor. “It’s him” she whispered loudly, “he’s almost here,” as she leaped to her feet and waited by the cell door for Jud to appear. When he got there, both girls were waiting and ready to go. “In a soft barely audible voice he said, “I can only do one of you tonight, the other one tomorrow, I don’t have enough time for both! Cindy was about to protest but Donna jumped in and replied quietly, “No problem, Cindy can go tonight, I can wait ’til later!” Gratefully Cindy nodded to Donna and then said to Jud, “I want you to fuck me, I need it in my cunt, not my mouth!!!” Jud was about to protest that he couldn’t unlock the cell door, but Cindy had already thought of that, and she turned around, bent over at the waist, and pressed her ass against the bars, leaving her bulging pussy exposed and ready to be taken! Jud shrugged his shoulders, and slipped his now erect pecker out of his pants, leaning forward until his head touched the dripping crack that partially protruded between the steel bars. Rubbing the head up and down the length of her crack to get lubricated, he finally lined up with her distended hole and in one quick stab buried his meat deep into Cindy’s cunt! Anticipating that she might scream, Donna had placed a towel over Cindy’s mouth to muffle her cries, and it was a good thing she did too, because Jud pounded the defenseless pussy into submission with twenty of the most vicious thrusts Donna had ever seen!!! Cindy ground her ass hard against the bars, trying desperately to take all the cock this stud man could give her, until on his last stroke, her vagina boiled over in an orgasm of monumental proportions, the likes of which Cindy had never experienced in her entire life! When Jud finally let his now shrinking member fall from her gaping cunt, Cindy would have fallen to the floor if it were not for Donna holding her up!!! Cindy turned her head to thank him, but Jud was already gone, continuing his rounds of cell block D!