When I please myself…

… one of three things happen.

1. I do it quickly using the shower head. I let the warm water do the work on my clit. This is the fast orgasm.

2. I put on a porn movie and mentally replace the woman in the scene with myself. I have my favorite scenes of course. But it usually involves big cocks… and often more than one. This way I have some pretty hard orgasms when Mr. J is not around to please me. Maybe I’ll have to write something about this some day.

3. I use only my fingers and my imagination and memories of past experiences. And often I think about the same things. I usually do this when I am really horny as I get the hardest and wildest orgasms this way.

It usually goes something like this:

I put my feet up on my desk and spread my pussy lips with one hand. I wet my fingers and start to play with my clit. Gently at first. It doesn’t take long before my clit is swollen and my pussy is wet. I get a strong urge to have something penetrate me.

This is where I alway come to think about Damian and he enormous black cock. The feeling of him penetrating my wet pussy. How I was stretched and completely blocked out by him. My body was trembling as he just filled me up with his rock hard manhood.

Best penetration I've ever hadI tried two black guys at once – for the first time. They both had massive cocks and my pussy was tender for days after that experience. But damn did I get fucked and I loved every moment of it.

Two mighty cocks at the same time...Mr. J and some other dude fucked me at a party down the street. I had two horny guys empty their balls all over my tits at the same time. It was fantastic.

I let a couple of fingers enter my soaking wet pussy as the orgasm takes hold of me. I scream in pleasure as I fell my pussy contract again and again. It is an awesome feeling and I just love it.

Every now and then I need to please myself like this. No men… no toys. Just myself and my mind. And the best thing is that Mr. J gets horny every time I tell him that I’ve pleased myself this way. And that way I get to be fucked by a man too. But I don’t always tell him the same day. I can only take so many orgasms on the same day ;-)