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Would you believe…

..that the actions of the guy in the story below have been repeated in New Zealand.. Twice!

A man twice broke into a neighbour’s house with the aim of using a computer to access internet pornography involving young girls.

The second time – after breaking in through the toilet window – he was found by police with pornography still on the screen.

Sheesh…. he must have been a little desperate…. :D


Can You Smell It?..

I just love this picture.  So much that I needed to blog about it.  I don’t really have much to say as the site involved isn’t really my thing.  But I guess anything whose essence is as depraved as this has a place on this depraved blog.

Anybody looking for ass licking porn should be interested in this gallery.  Oh shit, did I just give away the mystery behind this pic and ruin the illusion for you.  Oh well, I’ll try harder next time…

Smell That Ass

Smell The Magic

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Crystal Klein tiny tits

crystal klein has nice tiny titsScore another one guys for the natural sexy model / pornstar girls!

Sexy Crystal Klein is a totall hot model babe with a body and a face that can stop traffic.  Her smoking hot looks start with those amazing eyes… I love a girl with eyes that can stop you cold.  One look from here and you would be frozen on the spot!   Then maybe, just maybe, your eyes would wander down her lovely body and come to rest on those amazing little tits.  Nice, well formed, round and perky, her solid A cups are the things of dreams… you know she is all woman, without her having to have those big rubber uglies… VERY SEXY!

If you keep going down you will find a totally amazing ass, lovely legs, and a shaved and tight pussy that will make you drool!  She is a sexy babe for sure, and proof complete that you don’t have to have really big titties to be a sexy babe!  Tiny tits rule, and Crystal Klein has sexy tiny tits, that is for sure!

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Don’t fuck with Little Johnny

I like Little Johnny stories, how about you? Here’s one that got me laughing this morning so I thought I’d pass is along. I hope you like it too:
Little Johnny is walking down the sidewalk dragging a flattened frog on a string behind him. He comes up to the doorstep of the local whorehouse and […]

Rediculously Appropriate Lyric of the Moment…

Yeah! Ay!

Alright, so here is an incredibly rediculous rap lyric, yet I find it highly appropriate to accurately describe my skill set.  I hope that by just reading this post, it makes you just that much dumber…

“And me, Human Crack in the flesh
I’m the last of the best
One word to describe me (what), spectacular, YES!…”

Melissa Midwest’s public nudity problems

The photo to the right shows Melissa Midwest, the popular Internet star, holding her citation for public nudity. Last week she was sentenced to six months probation and 50 hours of community service for her conviction on that charge. She was facing up to eight months in jail or a $500 fine. (click photo to […]

Take My Picture

“Jake, your two thirty is here,â€? Kiki informed her boss, photographer, Jake Klein. Without looking up from the proofs he was reviewing, he replied, “Set her up in studio three, and get the lighting set up!â€? “Sure thing, boss,â€? Kiki replied, “you’re gonna enjoy this one, she’s a stunner!â€? Hearing that, he put down his viewer and said, “Well in that case, get the video camera started, after all, she said she wants to be in pictures, so let’s not disappoint her!!!â€? Ten minutes later Jake breezed into studio and three and with an extension of his hand said, “Hi, I’m Jake, and you’ve already met my assistant Kiki, and you must be Angela!!!â€? From the way her small hand was shaking, Jake could sense that Angela was really nervous about posing, and he took great pains to ease her fears! “Say,â€? he said smoothly, “you are a very beautiful woman, and these pictures are a gift for your husband!?!â€? Angela shook her head and replied, “Our tenth wedding anniversary is coming up, and I decided to give Dave, he’s my husband, some intimate photos of me as a sorta surprise!â€? “Well,â€? Jake intoned brightly, “lots of women are doing just that very thing, and just between you and me, their husbands or boy friends just love it!!!â€? “Oh, I hope so,â€? Angela opined nervously, “I so much want to make him happy!!!â€? “Whatya say we start off with a few of you in the clothes you have on now, just to get you used to being in front of the camera,â€? Jake suggested! “Uh, okay,â€? Angela answered in a relieved voice, “that’s a good idea!!!â€? “Here,â€? Kiki said, “before we start have a drink of this, it will calm your nerves, it’s just white wine!â€? Angela took the glass, drained it, and asked, “What do I do first?!?â€? (more…)

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