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Fucking Latina Maid

latina maid with really nice big titsFucking the Help use to mean forgetting to pay them and then moving out… but things have changed! Video cameras and rich horny single guys has lead to a whole new meaning for this old turn of a phrase.

So here is the deal. This guy Jason hires maids to clean his house… every week, he gets a new one (the agency thinks he is just picky) and every time they send a hot one over, he gets to work hitting on her and stuff. His friends are around and they help out too… the day the maid comes to clean up is their favorite time of the week now. This week, well, they hit the big times.

Her name? Who knows? Who cares? She is just a nice big titty latina babe who was pretty easy to talk out of her clothes, and it wasn’t long before she is up on top riding reverse cowgirl with her big tits bouncing around and her huge nipples all awake and stuff… she fucks like wild.

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Cory Everson Tit Fucking

cory everyson tit fuckingEvery once in a while you see a picture and say “I wish that was me in there”.

This gallery is exactly that situation. I can’t think of anything nicer that greasing up sexy Cory Everson and sticking my cock between her fleshly melons and tit fucking her until I blow a load all over her sexy face.

Needless to say, I like this gallery!

There is all sorts of nice action pics in this one too, from sexy shots to masturbation, greasing up of the tits, fucking including some nice pussy shots, sucking, and a totally ball busting massive on the big tits cumshot that is most impressive. Cory is a big tit fuck machine, and she is loving the action!

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It’s my Birthday so lets shake some ass!

Yep that’s right. It’s my Birthday today and I’m going to celebrate that :)

But before I go get drunk in the bar I’m going to give you guys a little present, a 1 minute BIG ASS video! In this video a blonde hottie with a great ass strips naked to show her awesome tits. The guy that’s about to fuck her can’t seem to get her pink bikini off fast enough.

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Ok, now I’m off to the bar :)

Monica Sweet Dildo Action

monica sweet has tiny titsI don’t think anyone can complain about another hot gallery from the very sexy and petite porn star Monica Sweet! This babe has got it all, hot looks, a great body,and the most wonderful tiny tits around! There is a couple of really nice tit closeup pictures in this gallery, so this one really caught my eye.

It also gets me because the pics are shot outdoors, which is just a little bit more naughty, and they really show off her amazing body so well! I love to see her in a little tube top, it makes her tiny tits look great!

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Anetta Dawn – Hungarian Honey!

anetta dawn big titsIt seems to me that all the truly nice big titties are coming from the eastern block countries… such is the case for sexy Anetta down, a true Hungarian Honey!

I like this gallery because it is shot outdoors. Nothing better than a truly sexy girl getting naked outside. Anetta Dawn certainly fills the role of sexy girl perfectly, with her nice eyes, nice hair, beautiful skin, shapely ass… oh yeah, and fucking wonderful tits that look just right for my hands!

Did I mention she has a perfectly shaved pussy too? Yum!

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