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Kylie Teen Lesbian Adventures

Kylie Teen sucking tits

For those of you who thought the last entry was a little too sexy and little lacking in action, well, let’s flip that 180 degrees and go for an all out lesbian lickfest and fingering festival, courtesy of Kylie Teen.

This is a funny gallery, you have to read it like chinese or something, start at the bottom right and work your way up. In here you will find Kylie and a friend in some pretty serious lesbian action, with tit sucking, 69, and some pretty serious deep finger action. Very nice, and the girls are hot and horny. A really nice set.

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You probably didn’t know you can access a tonne of sexy chicks that basically appeal to any and everyone, all for free. Free adult live web cams are so popular now. You can watch these girls and chat with them all you want for free! I’ve gotta warn you though, you can find some pretty amazing looking girls on the live cam, and you may never want to leave them! Click here to sign up for free adult live web cams and pick your favorite girl or girls and chat with these amateur babes. The girl above is Beth, a bisexual 30 year old who loves to tease, masturbate, and a lot more. She describes herself as “Your all American girl next door, I will tease you till the point of extreme pleasure…” Read more about Beth and see the thousands of other free adult live web cams right here.

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Reylene Richards: Perfect Big Tits?

does reylene richards have perfect tits?Gentleman and ladies, prepare yourself for a journey, into space and time, into bras and cleveage, where all of the god come together and work hard to perfect the idea of big tits, generating thousands and millions of test pairs of boobs before coming up with the perfect pair of big tits.

For your inspection, I present Reylene Richards, from Hungarian Honeys. With an absolutely gorgeous face, smooth and lovely body, and a sultry attitude, Reylene is already a truly hot babe. But it is in the breast area, the boobs, those big tits that we find the type of perfection rarely seen with human eyes. Man made, god made… who knows? But perfection has been found with almost perfect symetry, well placed nipples, and wonderful size and roundness without excess sagging or droop. These are potentially the perfect pair of tits.

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Midnight Cowgirl

YeeHaw!! Giddyup there, gal.

Oh wait I lost my goodhead for a second there and thought I was at NFR in Vegas for just a second.

I went to “Gillys” the other night at the New Frontier which is really the old Frontier with just a new word stuck in front of it. Forgetting for just a moment it was the annual “lifestyles” convention here, I was pondering why there were so many girls on leashes and guys with collars not to mention the TONS of pleather being worn in 109 degree heat.

Anyway once a week at Gilley’s they have a “Ride ‘em Cowgirl” contest and being a bit of a randy state I thought I’d have a few giant margaritas and watch the action.

Well I found out that not only was the “lifestyle” convention in town but all so a gathering of BBWs called the BBW Bash. I swear all of them must have been at Gilley’s last night. Trying to ride that bull. The last chick I saw had on a pair of chaps with a thong and a bustier with uh her extra bits hanging out –Everywhere.

After that shocker, I quickly finished my margarita, and rushed home to turn on my computer. I surfed around until i found this I looked longingly at her pictures in order to erase that memory of my evening out.

Her “extra bits” are well compacted into very nicely formed tits, a perfectly shaped ass and a very pretty pink pussy!


Fuck yeah, now this is a real smoking pussy!

I’m not just making a play on words here. This is Nikki Knox from Toy Stuffers, and in this video she actually smokes a cigarette with her pussy.
You can click the image to watch the video in a new small window. See for yourself as she inhales the smoke with her pussy.
If you’d like […]

Piper Fawn Spread Outdoors

piper fawn pussyThere is something about a girl getting naked outdoors that just does it for me. Especially when it is a girl as wonderful and as sexy as Piper Fawn.

I love these pictures because you can tell they weren’t planned or scheduled or anything like that. This is just one of those nice trips to the country that got a little bit, well, more interesting. Piper use to be a shy girl, but knowing that all you horny guys are chcking her out, she has turned into a real horny teen that loves to show off her body. She is a really natural girl too, not too thin and not too think, all real and curvy and nice.

Her pussy is lovely and pink, and she teases you a bit and finally shows it all off, peeling back her outer pussy lips so that you can really enjoy her all the way inside. She is goofing around and playing… but you can see she is starting to get wet from just showing off!

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Ariel Rebel

ariel rebel tiny tits punker teenAriel Rebel is a totally hot punker skater type girl with a really hot look and a sexy, sweet attitude!

I picked up this gallery because in a way is shows her more normal and more relaxed side, doing some ironing of all things! This is a great shoot because she is really stripped down, no real makeup, no wild outfits or anything, just the very basics and very simple Ariel Rebel. HOT!

First off, she is petite! I mean her tits are tiny, but well defined and her nipples are smooth and quite soft looking, almost puffy! They don’t get too hard in this photoset, but they are yummy and just a nice mouthful! The rest of her is right in tune, with a cute face, sexy little smile, and a sweet, sweet, shaved pussy that you will love! She is a totally real, totally modern teen girl with a real attitude and I just find her way sexy!

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Now, this gallery is pretty calm. Ariel Rebel is a real sk8t3r grl that loves to dress up and play tough. You will find her very sexy, I am sure! Her personal site is packed with sexy adventures… click here for Ariel Rebel!

Sexy Babes and Sexy Stuff

I am working on another site… seems like all I am doing these days is working on new ideas! It is a very interesting time in my life in many ways as a result, as I am branching out into areas I have never considered before. Thus, I am working on (but haven’t really officially opened) my first babe blog. Basically, it is just hot girls, links to hot galleries and stuff, very direct and simple… very visual, not at all wordy like this stupid blog :)

Babe Company is looking to have a pretty good collection going. I am working to add a couple of new ones each day, but the longer term goal is 10 – 20 new babes / babe galleries every day for your enjoyment, plus a ton of great links and stuff to babes, galleries, and other sites that share a common interest in truly hot babes. No huge writeups or shit, just hot fucking girls! Click here and check it out!

Little Tit Site features a hot a rare item… a sexy red head with a hot body and very sexy tiny tits. Sadie is a hotty, click here for tiny tits redhead!

I also added some hot new links over at Project Pussy Lesbians… including two big titty girls… including Faith from In Bed with Faith… if you have big tit lesbian fantasies… click here!

More to come… stay tuned to this bat channel! :)

Whatever happened to…

here is a nice list of women from the 1980’s (from supergirl, to bond girls) with before and after pictures.

so you can see just how devestating father time can be even with the money and geographical convenience of being part of the cosmetic surgery capital of the world.

now imagine what your poor ass wife is gonna look like in 25 years :p

Women from the 80’s

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