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Hanna tiny tits @ Wildtarts

hanna has very tiny titsI found a new site packed with tiny titty girls! Rejoice!

Wildtarts is a really great site that has girls from all over the world. The really aim for the 18 and 19 year old girls, and some early 20’s college coed types. As a result, many of the girls on this site are exactly the types you and I like: Lithe petite girls with sexy tiny tits.

Hanna here is a a great example. She is a really hot looking girl with a nice face and really intense eyes… and the rest of her matches up to her great looks. The best thing of course is those great tiny tits, both very full and quite petite. Sexy tiny tits, that is for sure.

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Crystal Klein Lesbian Action

mega babe crystal klein sucking on tits

Crystal Klein is a sexy and hot mega babe, a girl that really turns me on with her all antural body, sexy ass and lovely tiny tits.  I found this photoset of her today and thought you guys would love it!   It shows sexy Crystal and one of her friends in a fun playful sexy lesbain romp.

Nice shots of killing, licking, tit squeezing, and such… not really hardcore, but certainly dick stiffening material.

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Cheer Me Up

cheerleader pussyIt’s August already?? Where does the summer go?? Not that I mind because during the summer it seems that bikinis are the uniform of women and that leaves me out in the cold.

But in preparation of the coming back to college rush that will be here in about 2 weeks I found complete with pom-poms ready to Cheer me UP for the last weeks of summer.

I’m not sure exactly what turns me on about cheerleaders and there certainly is a lack of good pictures out on the net for uniform lovers since most of them involve 1 or 2 pictures of the uniform/costume then move right into the hard stuff like tits, ass, pussy etc.

But this particular gallery, the cheerleader is all clothed in her very vibrant green costume. Maybe what turns me on is somewhere in my memory cells I can remember Friday nights bonfire with all the cheerleaders cavorting around in their brief costumes, turning cartwheels so we could catch a glimpse of their tights and at some point one of them must have looked at me directly in the eyes and I was hooked.

Simpler time, Simpler place, and good memories.

Silken Pinkgasm

8-1-06.jpgFACTOID: Silk was discovered in China at least 4500 years ago. A Chinese legend has it that the emperor Huang Di accidentally dropped a silkworm cocoon in his tea, and observed its shining fiber as it began to unwind. The silk is a continuous thread, as much as half a mile long, which makes up the cocoon. A single thread is prized loose from the wet cocoon and unrolled. The best quality silk is unrolled by hand.

See who says surfing for lovely ladies in lingerie is not educational. :-)

I’ve been on vacation and when I arrived home my email box was more tangled than a silk cocoon on a Saturday night. But waiting for me there was of pure silken delight.

While the auburn haired beauty is not Asian, there is a certain exotic quality about her that says

“you are in for the silken ride of your life.”

This picture seems to be the just before i could crawl in next to her, part those creamy thighs and partake of her silky pussy sending her into pinkgasm after pinkgasm while my hands are enrapt around the folds of her beautiful pink komono.

I don’t know what is more delicious: the pulsing pink clit that my tongue is wrapped around or he silky soft fabric clutched in my hands.

Silkenly yours.

Of Domains and Things…

Well, the last couple of weeks have been pretty weird here at porn headquarters. Summer is always a little weird in the online porn mongering world because summetime tends to drive people outdoors to enjoy the nice weather. People take vacations, spend time with their families, and generally do things that don’t include curling up in their den with the latest Tawnee Stone – Jordan Capri lesbian sex adventure. Overall visitors to porn sites drop, and more importantly for those of use who do this “commercially” people are less prone to purchase memberships and whatnot. Our industry calls it the “summer slump”, and I just call it a weird time of the year.

Unlike many people in the biz, I don’t take summer off. Rather, summer is a time when I look at all the stuff I have done in the previous while and see what the heck I want to be doing with it in the future. My company owns about 1000 internet domain names, so there is much to look at (if I spend 5 minutes on each domain, that would take 4 days if I didn’t take a break, and about 2 weeks on a regular 8 hour day. But 5 minutes really isn’t much time at all (this message might take 20 minutes for me to write) so you can imagine that there are some corners of the empire that just don’t get visited all that often.

Internet domain names aren’t really owned as much as leased on a yearly basis. In the case of my domain portfolio, about 50% of all the domains I own expire in august and september each year. As a result, this month in particular is a big time for me to be looking at all the things I own and make sure that they make sense to keep. I have probably pared down the list by about 50 or 60 domains this year, as things have gone out of style or I have lost interest in working on those things.

Other companies also step up and get busy this time of year, and I have had someone recently purchase a domain from me for a pretty good price ($x,xxx), which I think is a good deal for them as well as me. I wasn’t doing as much with it as I could have, I am sure they will develop it better that I did, and I still took home probably 10 -15 times yearly earnings that I was getting from it, so it is all good for everyone involved.

Anyway, so in the process of going through all that stuff I find really interesting sites that I had forgotten I had made. Such as my collection of Real Peachez galleries or Teen Topanga promo videos… plus some real junk I am honestly too shy to share with you, safe to say it has been added to the list of things to fix! It’s fun to do this sort of stuff.

Anyway, all this just to say if I happen to be a little slack on the posting here, it is because I am trying to get that 5 minutes for each domain, to make the porn better for your enjoyment! In the meantime, enjoy the summer :)

Sylvia Loves Anal

anal fuckingAfter making all this sites of single hotties I figured it was time to go a little more hardcore. Well, a little…

Sylvia doesn’t has enough with that one same dick all the time. That’s why she loves threesomes with strange men she finds on the internet.

On this site you’ll see how she gets fucked in the ass and mouth at the same time, just the way she likes it.

If you happen to like anal porn there’s a lot more at if you want.

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