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Redhead Amber Spreads

Well, not sure why I titled this site “Redhead amber spreads”… she’s not really a redhead more a dark-blonde, but who the fuck cares, as long as she’s got boobs (or can’t I say that?) 😀

What I like about Amber is that she’s 100% natural, her face, her boobs, her ass, her whatever… it’s all real. Check out this free site and see for yourself how she slowly undresses, spreads her long soft legs and starts rubbing her oh so cute pussy.

I found Amber on a site called AmateurMatch. You too can find hot girls like her to become friends, and probably more, with. Check out AmaterMatch and see if you can find your match!

sexy stuff

She slowly pulled Don’s shorts down and revealed a massive shaft. Suzy gasped and her eyes widened at the site of Don’s monster. For some reason I found that I was anxious to see my wife put this big black cock between her moist red lips. I wondered at that moment why I never asked Suzy to suck my cock. She, of course, never volunteered. My eyes were fixed to her white face as it hovered over the black cock. She licked her lips as she stared in awe.

Suzy finally managed to ask, “How big is it?”

Don proudly answered, “It gets to twelve inches long and six inches around when hard.”

Damn, that’s a bog black cock!

Beach Blanket Balloon-o

I wasn’t very happy at the end of my sophomore year in college when the only job I could get for the summer was the night supervisor job at the local recreation park and swim club. After all, $7.00 per hour is not exactly big money when you have a lot of tuition to pay, but after two weeks on the job I found out that money isn’t everything!

My job was to “supervise” the two lifeguards who were on duty from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. when we closed the pool. After we closed the pool, I was responsible for making sure everyone left the park by 11 p.m. so I could lock the big gates on my way out. The park was about seven secluded acres of land tucked in the middle of some tall trees about a quarter a mile back from the road. Besides the pool there were several ballfields, a kid’s playground, and a picnic area. It wasn’t much money, but it was easy, even if it was kind of spooky late at night with only the security lights dimly shining as I made my last rounds before locking up for the night.

I was lucky that the two lifeguards, both girls, were good at their job. Ann had just completed high school, while Vicki had just finished her first year of college. They kept everyone in the pool under control, and they didn’t fool around on the job. They were always attentive and alert, and it was a pleasure to work with them. It was also a REAL pleasure to look at them. Ann was very cute, but Vicki was a real knockout! A great swimmer, Vicki looked more like a bathing suit model than a lifeguard, and she could have gotten a job just about anywhere she applied, but she swam on the college swim team and enjoyed being around the pool.

Lifeguard Fucks Schoolgirl!

Hotchick Lisa

It’s hotchick Lisa with lollypop in her mouth for today’s post. And just like what she’s trying to imply in this pic, she’s hot and ready for a wild sexfest. And she can even have it with just herself! Watching her having the pleasure of her very own hand on her wet pussy will knock your socks off!

I can tell that she feels some hardening on her nipples at this shot… take a closer look and you’ll notice that, too! Maybe she’s wearing nothing underneath this pink shirt… and I like it more if she wears nothing at all!

See her pussy? At, you can see every inch of Lisa and got the chance to feast over her sexy body.

New Stuff and Various updates

hey everyone… been a busy time the last few weeks cleaning up this and that and working on some new projects.

First thing, I got an email today and figured you pervs might want to know about this one:  A new site called One Stop Porno Shop.  It is from the guys who built the site for Busty Faith from In Bed With Faith.  Anyway, this site has a bunch of prtty british girls on it, and they love to get really, really naughty.  Nice, check it out!

I have a new blog starting up, listing out some of the nice hardcore stuff I run across.  Check it out:  Hard-x Hardcore Blog.  It’s short right now, but a new entry should come about every day :)

Don’t forget the hot TGP Sexy Whore – pretty much 100% videos over here.

Also note, I removed the live chat window from the main page as certain browsers were having an issue.  You can chat live be joining (for free) my site The Adult News.  No CC or anything, and no spam mail.  Live chat is inside there now.

Sharing a Sleeper Berth

“I’m sorry, Miss Ross,” the conductor explained, “I know you have a reservation for a private berth, but due to over booking all we have left is a compartment for two. Your berth mate is a very attractive young woman , so we hope you can see your way clear to […]

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Panty Ass Chicks

The girls in this gallery are fucking hot and you get so close to their firm tight buttocks in their cute little panties you could just reach out and give them a squeeze and slip those panties right off them. There is a gallery with a gorgeous brunette panty model on her bed trying on her different seductive underwear and another gallery showing a hot lesbian couple deciding what panties they should wear for their night out but getting so turned on by looking at each others sexy cute ass in those skimpy little thong and panties they start some lesbian oral sex with a hot blonde girl sticking her face right in her lovers pussy. These lesbo girls will rock your world.

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How Tough is Bird Shit?

Pretty damn tough…

NASA is reporting that during the detailed inspection of the space shuttle now in orbit, they have found a number of white splotches on the vehicle.  Apparently the temperature during liftoff isn’t high enough to burn off bird shit, and the vacuum of space isn’t enough to get rid of it either!

Story link:  NASA finds shit on shuttle

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