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Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares

Most Americans will know Chef Gordon Ramsey from the show “Hell’s Kitchen”, a sort of reality game show for chefs.  But he has another series from England that is way more interesting and way more rude, called “Kitchen Nightmares”.

He travels to estalishments on the brink.  Places that are on the edge of death, and more […]

Lime and Lace

y inhibitions had well and truly caved in and the thought of being semi-naked in front of these women was forbiddingly delicious. If the others could do, so could I. Sharon said she would come in and give me hand as I might need some help adjusting the lacing at the back. Sharon had helped Jan into and out of her corset so I nodded in agreement. I picked up the outfit much to both Jan and Michelle’s delight, and I went into the other room to get changed. I stripped down and stood naked in the full length mirror, before slipping on the silky smooth black panties and the ever so sheer stockings. I picked up the corset and wrapped it around myself, before yelling out to Sharon for assistance. As I held the front of the corset in place, Sharon came in and deftly gave me assistance, adjusting the lacing at the back quickly and smoothly. Sharon commented how this outfit would really show off my glorious boobs. I clipped up the fasteners at the front and felt the exquisite tightness of the corset across my stomach and chest.

“Give me a look” Sharon said and I obliged.

“Fantastic” she responded and I admired myself in the mirror, particularly the way the garment accentuated my large breasts even further and held them firmly in place. I was ready to make my appearance in front of the other women.

As I appeared Jan wolf-whistled, and I boldly paraded myself in front of these women. I was no longer at all self-conscious and I felt sexy and confident in my outfit.

“Oh, I wish I had amazing boobs like yours.”, Michelle said.

Fantasy Maid

As the questions rolled on we had found out an awful lot about each other’s sex lives. It must have been the cosmos speaking in combination with the whole naughtiness of the evening, because I have never been one to reveal intimate details about myself to my girlfriends. Among the things I found out about Jan were that she lost her virginity when she was 18, her favourite sex position was on top, and she once covered her breasts and pussy in honey and had a lover lick it all off. I even found out that she had been in a threesome with two guys. Among the things that I had told Jan were that my husband’s penis was six inches long, that I fantasised about other women sometimes when I masturbated, and that I had visited a sex shop.

We never finished the questions. Jan and I had moved closer together on the couch and I found myself gazing into Jan’s eyes. I had noticed that her gaze occasionally dropped to my chest. I have always been bi-curious but have never so much as kissed another woman and would never have the courage to make the first move. I think Jan may have sensed both my interest and my trepidation.

Jan went to say something else and then coyly giggled like a naughty school girl and said:

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing”.

“No go on tell me”, I beckoned.

With eyes twinkling in the candlelight, Jan blurted out simply, “I want to kiss you.”

Pedophile Owned by Dateline

I’m pretty sure that if you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you’re aware of how I feel about men who solicit underage girls.

I think its pretty standard in the industry to despise these kind of men.

so when you get to see some sicko like this completely and totally destroyed by dateline, its pretty hilarious.

He wanted the 14 year old to BLOW HER CAT.

enjoy jail you sick, twisted fuck.

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Check out this gorgeous hot blonde babe pout shopping completely unaware that as she bends over to look at something on a lower shelf that a secret spy cam is catching the whole thing looking straight down her top and filming her gorgeous cleavage. Those are a pair of tits that you just want to rip out of that blouse and suck on. In some of these pics you get such a view of this gorgeous blonde girls cleavage that you can even see her silky white bra. I don’t know about you but I am dying to see this girls suckable nipples. This spy cam captures all sorts of cleavage and its brilliant on hot days when girls unbutton just one more button on their blouse. This gallery has the still porno voyeur pictures taken by this secret spy cam.

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Japanese Big Tits

japanese big titsHere is one of those rare things…

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