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Coed Rachel Rivers Sticks Her Chest Out

What’s not to like about sexy Rachel Rivers? This girl is awesome, and this shot of her with her back arched like so and her small perky tits stuck way out there for us to enjoy, there isn’t much to complain about. I have found this girl a few times in different places, but these sets from ALS Scan show her off in a very tasty, sexy sort of way so that we can enjoy her perky college girl tits and her very tasty looking nipples. Those hard nips seem to be begging for you to flap a lip over tham, can you imagine licking and suckling on her sweet coed titties?

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Handcuffs and Light Bondage Are Sexy

While most people are not particularly into bondage, spankings, or whip play (which can still be sexy), there is quite a number of people who are totally turned on by the idea of light restraints, handcuffs, and other forms of light bondage and fantasy. This shot of sexy young Riley Starr in handcuffs really is a super sexy one, she’s got a perfect look, she’s almost naked, and she’s handcuffed and ready to do whatever it is you like! She looks awesome, vulnerable, sexy, and horny all in one shot, her sweet tiny tits nearly exposed and a look on her face that says it’s time for some sexy play!

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Emily WIllis Gives a Cum Reward

Emily Willis is one of the hottest girls in porn right now, a sexy lean girl with small tits, a great pussy, and this girl loves to fuck. This scene from Cum4K pushes all the right buttons. Emily lost her dog and her horny neighbor offers to help. Anyway, someone else finds the dog, but he invites her to come into his place for a cold drink and stuff. She is so happy that he helped and wants to reward him, and well, the dog collar gets some use and they get down to it. She rubs one out for him first and looks so good doing it, then they move on to hot hard fucking and this guy is packing meat and really gives her pussy a good stretching with his big tool. Then he cums and fills her fertile young cunt full of cum, it’s so much cum it’s hard to imagine! The whole scene is nearly an hour long and there is plenty of wild stuff here, Emily Willis is really turning into a very naughty girl!

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Smoking Hot Babe Gianna Dior Smokes Cock Too

Gianna Dior is one of those girls who is so smoking hot, guys run into walls looking at her. This stunning babe from Alabama has got the good in all directions, lovely curves, long legs, long hair, and that sort of total babe facial look that is Kim Kardashian is she was actually nice looking. Kim wishes she was as good as Gianna! Just like Kim K Superstar, Gianna does love to suck cock and fuck, and this scene from Deep Lush is called Cum In Me Daddy so you can sort of figure out how it goes. Let’s just say it is totally amazing to see such a sexy, stunning babe sucking cock and really loving it, I would love to have this girl working me over, that is for sure. She sucks really well but as per her command, she ends up with a big creampie. Yeah, i would do that too!

Busty Teen Lisa Sweet Got Pussy

Without a doubt, Lisa Sweet got pussy. And Tits. And Ass. This teen girl is an awesome piece of all natural fun, I found her in a bunch of sets from Nubiles looking just so amazing, and really giving us some quality time with her sweet teen pussy. She’s totally shaved, very pink, and seemingly always getting wet. This girl loves to show off. She’s the whole f’n show too, a really cute face, nice big teen tits, a natural curvy look, and well, yeah, pussy. her young box is shaved, smooth, and has that puffy pink look that tells you she is very turned on to be showing herself off. She always seems to be smiling and happy about getting naked for the camera, and spreads her sweet young pussy open for us to check out too. Tasty!

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Sexy Japanese Pornstar Wakana Yuzuki

I can be honest in saying that I don’t know much of anything about sexy Japanese Pornstar Wakana Yuzuki. I don’t have her birthday or her measurements or even her blood type (oddly common to know in Japan). I do know this: She’s a super sexy JAV star, Wakana Yuzuki has really nice sized perky tits, and she appears in this scene entirely uncensored! That’s right, uncensored Japanese porn with plenty of bush, fucking, cumshots, and the like. This Japanese AV girl is super sexy and it’s really hot to see uncensored Japanese porn and even a creampie!

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Ms Faris Is A Walking Wet Dream

Ms Faris (aka Athena Faris) is a stunning babe who has really started to pop up on my porn radar, and for very good reason. This girl is awesome sexy, busty, and just overall a walking wet dream. I love this shot from her scene over at Deep Lush, with her impressive cleavage exposed and a serious seductive look on her face. This girl looks ready for action! I find it interesting that pretty much every site i check has her listed as B cup tits, but clearly those firm tits are quite a big more than that. Oh, and pierced nipples too! Ms Faris doesn’t miss a thing in any department, from her sweet shaved pussy to a really nice leg, thigh and ass combo, she is sexy coming or going – or cumming!

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Spanish Babe Lara Duro Loves a Hard Fucking

Lara Duro (aka Lara Romero, Olivia Banderas, Lara Banderas) is a Spanish hotty from Madrid, a real stunner with a great curvy natural look and she is not shy about loving to fuck. This scene from Private Video has her taking on a slightly older guy with a nice big cock, and showing him that she knows what she wants, if he can give it to her. She looks amazing in black lingerie, playing with the dog collar and chain that I guess she might put on him if she needs more fucking. But honestly, this guy does a great job fucking the stuffing out of her, including a doggy style run with him pulling her hair and making her cum like a banshee! Then she flips her over for more fucking and ends up giving her a nice cream pie and cum all over her pussy and tummy finish, they both look very satisfied from this hard fuck!

Microboobs Spinner Lia Kate

There are small tits, tiny tits, very tiny tits… and then there are microboobs spinners like Lia Kate. This sexy flatty is apparrently from Finland or Latvia, depending on who you ask, and she is cute and super sexy. She is also is a total flatty, her tiny tits barely register on the scale to be an AA cup tits… her 32AA bra size is still a little too big for this girl’s microboobs. What is impressive however is even with such tiny tits, flatty Lia Kate is a super sexy girl, all grown up and very tasty looking. She’s got nice legs, a sexy ass, and her juicy pink pussy looks so nice, you will want to lick her out as you play with her hard nipples and tiny breasts!

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Gaming Video Cards and Porn

Anyone who has followed me for any length of time will know I am a big tech geek at times, and the new NVidia 3000 series GPUs (graphics cards) for PC are getting my attention. The RTX-3080 was released this week and honestly, it’s awesome. You have to remember I have been doing this long enough to remember using paper terminals (literally printing results) and I am not kidding. So seeing how far we have come impresses me. The idea that you can play an immersive racing or first person shooter game at 150 frames per second at a quality that makes it hard to tell from reality is mind blowing to me.

I have to say that the quality is more than enough to enjoy porn or free live cams or Pure Teasing girls

In the world of porn, well, there is the amazing downfall of the famous, infamous, and generally well known Ron Jeremy. I have met and chatted with him a few times, and I can honestly say that it is really too bad that he lost his grip on reality and started to think the real world was a porn movie. Sad to see it happen.

On the up side, most people who know me know I also love girls with tiny tits, small boobs, perky breasts… whatever you want to call it. 2019 and 2020 are turning out to be absolute amazing years for new pornstars with small tits and often really nice nipples. Fake boobs are becoming less and less common, now going back to being associated to girls who have come to porn from the strip club world, or for the typical busty MILF who has had them pumped back up after kids. The freshness of the younger porn starlets with their small boobs is refreshing and fun. You can check out the Zacksxxx Free Porn small tits section for a bunch of galleries of girls with small boobs!