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The Girl Orgasm

Nubiles - The Girl Orgasm


The Girl Orgasm


Melody Marks

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Jul 28, 2019


Melody Marks is so into playing with her big boobs that she pops those puppies out whenever the urge strikes her. Standing outdoors, she shows the world her good fortune and keeps on stripping until shes fully on display. Settling into a lawn chair, she lets her hands explore her bombshell bod.

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Dad and Sister Get Caught

Since my mom and dad were divorced, we lived with my mom. My dad would come around occasionally to visit or to pick us up and take us out somewhere for ice-cream or something else. As we got older their relationship became less and less civil so my dad would not come around very often.

When I was 18 and in high school the summer before my senior year, my older sister was 20 and she kind of looked after me and my two younger brothers when our mom was at work. My older brother (28) at the time was still living at home too but my sis was in community college and working part time so she was home more.

I was working out for football with my buddies during the day that summer and my two younger brothers were going to a day camp at the local playground run by the YMCA. I didn’t have my own car so I would get rides from my buds to and from practice and when we went out carousing. My sister did have a little compact car that she used to get to and from school and work. My mom car pooled to work with a neighbor.

One day during the summer we were supposed to have workouts at the weight room and then go to the track for running. Well, the building the weight room was in was closed for maintenance when we got there so we could not lift. We went ahead and did our running workout and then decided to head home.

My buddy lived past our house so he would usually drop me off in front on his way home. That day, as we went down my street, I noticed that my dad’s work truck was parked on a side street about half a block away from my house. My sister was supposed to be at work at her part time job that day as she didn’t have classes. I was hoping to have the afternoon to myself, so I could get some porn from my brothers room and spend an hour or two reading porn stories and jerking off. However, when we pulled up to my house I noticed my sister’s car parked in our driveway. Damn, I was hoping to be alone!

Well, when I got to the front door in was slightly open and the glass/screen storm door was shut. I was thinking to myself it was strange that my sister was not at work, she needed the money. I was also suspicious that my dad might be in the house because I was sure that was his truck parked a block away. So I slowly opened the screen door to keep it from creaking and giving anyone the notion that someone entered. My sister didn’t think I was due back for another two hours and she had to pick up my little brothers later that afternoon.

My sister had a bedroom on the first floor and because our old house had settled quite a bit, the door to her room did not shut the whole way because the frame was off. It was how I spied on her when she was changing or coming out of the shower. As I entered the living room I could hear some muffled voices and what sounded like moaning, it was coming from my sister’s room.

I headed down the hall towards her door and stopped for a minute. Her door left a 2 to 3 inch gap between the edge of the door and the frame from top to bottom. The angle of the view into the room led right to a large mirror she had on the wall and it reflected to her bed perfectly. I peaked in through the opening and looked at the mirror and my jaw immediately dropped at what I saw!

There was my sister totally naked, laying on top of my DAD in a 69 position!! Her head was closest to the mirror and I could see perfectly her mouth dancing up and down on my Dad’s fat cock. It wasn’t super long but it was unusually thick. I looked almost like a beer can. He had a large ball sack hanging below it that looked like it contained two tangerines.


Sexy Little Sweetheart

Nubiles - Sexy Little Sweetheart

Sexy Little Sweetheart Dionisia.

Cock craving Spanish rose Dionisia is always ready for a good time. Her breasts are mouthwatering, but youll get a rea treat when she turns around so her miniskirt rides up to show off her thong. You wont want to look away as this horny bombshell strips and plays with her meaty twat.

Party Crasher

On my way back from the bathroom, I saw Megan at the jukebox so I stopped to see what tunes she was selecting.

“Hi,” she said cheerfully, but her tone quickly changed, “I don’t know why I come to these happy hours; I can barely stand most of these people in the office all day and they don’t get any better after they’ve been drinking.”

“Present company excepted, I assume?” I asked, knowing it was the case because we got along well at work. We tended to flirt a bit even though she was a bit younger than me, but I always assumed it was harmless office flirting and never expected it to lead to anything else.

“No, I hate you, too,” she replied, laughing, then pushed against me. I helped her with her remaining picks, which I sensed she was laboring over only so she had an excuse not to go back and rejoin our coworkers.

“Why did you come if you’re so miserable?” I finally asked.

“Ann talked me into it. She said I might feel better about some of my coworkers if I got to know them outside of the office. It isn’t working,” she explained. Ann was one of our coworkers who Megan was actually friends with. Megan wasn’t typically pessimistic or intolerant, but as a young admin, she was very put upon so I understood her frustration. Even so, I definitely was not prepared for what she said next.

“We should leave. We should go to my place and fuck,” she said unexpectedly. I looked at her, unsure of what I had just heard. “Seriously,” she continued, “don’t you think that would be more fun?”

There was no doubt that fucking Megan would be more fun than just about anything I could think of at that moment, but I was concerned about the two of us just walking out of the bar together and what sort of office gossip that would start. Still, I didn’t want her to think that I wasn’t interested.

“OK,” I responded, “I’ll go grab my coat.”

“We can’t just walk out of here together,” she laughed, echoing what I’d been thinking, “besides, I just put a bunch of songs on this jukebox.”

“Tell you what,” I said, “why don’t you write down your address for me and when ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ starts, I’ll say that I have to leave and I’ll head for your place. When the song is over, you leave, too, and I’ll be waiting there for you.”

“Nice,” she replied, smiling and nodding. I headed back to the group while she went to borrow a pen to write her address on a cocktail napkin. I thought Ann was giving me a funny look, so maybe she saw us talking at the jukebox and was wondering what that had all been about. Megan handed me the cocktail napkin when she rejoined the group, but nothing else passed between us to indicate what we had planned for later that night. I could see that Ann was grilling her but Megan was just waving her off and rolling her eyes, apparently at the suggestion that there was anything to even talk about.

I finished my drink when I heard the first strains of “Bohemian Rhapsody” coming through the sound system, then said my good-byes and headed for the door. I knew that Megan lived downtown, not far from the bar we’d been at that night, so I checked the cocktail napkin and navigated my way to the front steps of her apartment building. I figured as I sat down to wait that the song probably wasn’t even over yet, so I was glad that it was a pleasant night. I checked the time on my phone a couple of times when it seemed like she should have been there already but just figured that slipping out just hadn’t gone as smoothly as she’d expected. When I finally saw her hustling down the street, I stood up.