Naughty Scarlett Totally Naked In Public

Scarlett caught my eye for a couple of reasons. First off, this girl is naked outdoors and that is always a nice bonus. The second was her really great smile and of course, some really nice teen tits too! For me a real plus is that Scarlett isn’t your typical sexy model type, more like a really hot girl next door who is teasing you with their tight ass in jean shorts and things just go along from there. She is a super horny girl, and at 19 and 36D-26-35, you know this girl can get any actions she wants, a totally sexy teen girl for sure!

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Wifey Learns Her Lesson

It began as a bit of fun, I’ll admit it.

Tom was over at our place to watch the game on television. Usually, both he and his wife, Fran, would be over, but Fran was down south taking care of a sick sister, so it was just my good friend by himself with Dee and me.

I asked my wife for a minor favour. “Would you get us a beer, darling?” I asked, and Dee gave one of her smart-arse, uppety kind of replies.

“What am I? A maid? Get your own beer.”

I hadn’t thought it was too much to ask, but my wife flounced out of the room.

Tom muttered, “It’d be a cold day in hell before I’d let Fran get away with talking to me like that.”

I didn’t say anything, and we turned back to the game on television. But I considered Tom’s words and thought about the way Fran treated him. I had to admit that Fran did always seem to treat Tom with a certain . . . what? . . . respect? That and something more. Certainly there was plenty of love, and she always gazed at Tom with admiration, even a bit of deference.

I sighed as I rose out of my chair. “You want a beer, too?” I asked my friend.

“Sure, ” he said, and I thought I detected just the slightest snort of disgust when he said it.

Dee was in the kitchen, but I didn’t say anything as I brushed by her and got two beers, simply giving me a smug look and a wry grin. After Tom and I had settled in, we started to watch the game.

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Horny Spinner Gets Naked In the Back Yard

Lexi Lore sure is an interesting girl! This sexy coed has got a whole lot of everything going on in this set from Nubiles, she’s got a great look, braces, and a pierced nipples. No matter what, that is already a whole lot going on. She’s outdoors in her friends back yard being playful, teasing, showing off for the camera a whipping out her yummy young tits. Awesome! The neighbors are probably drooling at the windows already. Then this wild brace face keeps going and soon the jean shorts and the panties are gone to expose her sweet shaved pussy to anyone who can see. All of this showing off makes her more than a little horny, and soon she’s rubbing one out while the neighbors are all whacking in time, her young pussy is wet and happy! Awesome outdoor nudes from this sexy teen!

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Teasing The Mail Man

Sitting with all the lamps off, the only light needed came through the closed window and open blind. Sitting back on her modest couch, in her modest home, she loosened her robe and waited. She knew when he would show up. Slowly closing her eyes, she imagined what he would look like. Having seen him so many times, it didn’t take much of her imagination.

She liked men her junior, and loved the way he wore his early 30s. She was glad he carried the heavy leather satchel of mail on his right shoulder, giving her the better profile when he would ascend her steps in no particular hurry. She often dreamed of how she would like to have him strain above her, using the same strong rhythm on her, as he used to stroke her stairs.

With a picture of him in her mind, her eyes drew completely shut, as she allowed her robe to open. Wasting no time she quickly slid her arms out, and tossed the brave cotton to the side. The crude canvas couch, kissing her bare ass. Slouching, she began to run her guilty hands over creamed skin. Within moments, she peeled one of her hands off her thighs and took hold of her breast. Hoping she could last, she thought less of what might be outside, and seized on what was happening down between her legs. The thought of getting caught had started a fire. The thought of exposing her naked body always made her pussy hot.


Horny Flatty Fingers Herself to Orgasm

horny flatty fingers herself to orgasm

I always love a little microboobs spinner, and Lia Kate from Nubiles is exactly all that. Apparently from Finland, tiny Lia is a cute blond with very tiny tits and a sweet, soft, natural body. She measures in at 31AA-24-33, really tiny tits and a sweet little ass too. She’s a horny one, and this set for Nubiles it didn’t take much to get her going! This horny flatty fingers herself to orgasm,you can see how wet her sweet young pussy gets as she does it, her tiny nipples getting so hard as she cums and cums again, and sort of sits back in amazement as she checks out the flowing juices. She’s got that really satisfied look on her face, knowing that she really made herself cum so good!

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Wild Regina Sparks Loves Ass Fucking

Regina sparks loves ass fucking

Always fun to find a girl who loves ass fucking more than anything, and wild girl Regina Sparks is just that. She’s in love with getting her bum fucked and goes for it every chance she can get. This girl is amazing, big fake titties, huge nipples, and a sexy ass that is built for speed and pleasure while you are fucking her in the bung hole. She cums a lot too, she goes for multiple positions and gets ass fucked every way, and you can tell she is cumming every time!

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Party Play

Somehow over the course of the party, eight people ended up locked in a bedroom, me being one of them, playing a game that I didn’t understand, where the consequences were loosing clothes. Needless to say, mine ended up in a pile on the floor next to me pretty quickly. Four guys, three girls in various states of undress and the party’s host, Terry, passed out on the bed. I had started out the night wearing a cute blue top and white capri pants. Not knowing I would end up without them, I was glad I had chosen a sexy combo of a pink lace bra with a matching sheer thong. Very early in the game I had been the first one in nothing but my underwear. I was quickly joined by several others. By the time my buzz had caught up with me, it was me in my panties and bra, Jessica in her black lace boyshort panties and white tank, Lacy in a pair of jeans and green bra, James in his boxers, Devin in his jeans and no shirt, Toby in a t shirt and boxers and Kevin fully clothed in a polo and cargo shorts.

I was left with the unsettling feeling that I was going to be the first one completely naked along with the fact that I only knew two people in the room, Lacy and James. The unsettling quickly faded and became replaced with a curiosity of the others and a bit of naughty thought as I played out the end of the game in my head. After all, it hadn’t been my first time playing a strip game. After a few more rounds, I was topless, holding my c-cup breasts in my hands, trying to hide the excitement in my nipples, which wasn’t helped by the cool air in the room. Jessica had lost her panties and was sitting bashfully trying to hide her sweet kitty from everyone’s exploring eyes. Lacy was left in her green bra and matching thong while James was still in his boxers, the other two, Devin and Toby were both down to their boxers.

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By now I had figured out that Jessica and Toby were an item and were trying to help each other, but to no avail. Toby was having to deal with the fact that we were all trying to peek between her thighs at her cleanly shaven mound.



Amateur Girl Liz Totally Tasty Ass

totally tasty ass

FTV Girls is one of my personal favorite sites when I am looking for less hardcore and more interesting solo girl stuff. They are First Time Videos, and they find new girls who want to try out getting naked and really get them going. Liz here is a great example. This 18 year old has never been nude for the camera before, but one look at her amazing assets and you know you want to see her take it all off. She’s petite at 34B-22-35, but with an amazing ass and great legs as a result of years of figure skating. Her totally tasty ass is just so nice, not massive or anything but her butt sticks out so nice, her ass cheeks are firm and well shaped, and well, you can tell just by looking at them that her ass it going to be tight and strong. She loves to show off too, and the camera spends plenty of time letting us enjoy her hot sexy ass, both in private and in some sexy play in public and in a park. This girl loves to show off, and with an amazing butt like that, why not?

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Luna Amor Big Wet Tits

big wet tits

It’s not the first time I have had busty Luna Amor on this site, and it probably won’t be the last either. This girl has awesome huge natural tits, and she is really good at showing them off in absolutely the best ways. Listed as 36F-28-37, this Romanian busty babe has absolute got the good, a killer natural body that is just soft enough to be sexy all over, a really pretty face, and those boobs, well, big tits just don’t get to cover it. Her huge nipples and super sized breasts make this girl a walking wet dream, and this set with her big wet tits in the swimming pool is a good way to celebrate the near end of summer fun!

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Blindfolded and Surprised

This is an interesting set from NubileFilms. It features Luna Lain and Scarlet Saige in a sexy, naughty, and somewhat provocative lesbian sex scene that will certainly get your attention. It’s not quite as hardcore in some senses, but it is an act of submission, control, pleasure, and torture of sorts. Scarlett uses everything from tongues and toys to ice cubes to make her prey horny, orgasmic, tortured, and cared for. There is some great grinding pussy on her face domination too, a really sexy girl on girl scene!

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