The Room Mate

It was two weeks into her freshman year and Marcie was finally getting the hang of college life. The difference between college and high school was stunning, and it took a little getting used to! There was no one there to tell you what to do, when to get up, what […]

Jamie Hammer

jamie hammer twisty's treat of the month for june


Jamie Hammer is a stunner… some fact first: She is 5ft 0in tall and has a 32DD-24-33 figure and has appeared in Playboy magazine on a number of occasions.

Those are lovely and wonderful all natural D cups, yummy indeed and Jamie is a very smart girl too, with a degree in communications! Check out her idea of a great day:

My idea of a perfect afternoon is lying out in the sun and reading a good book. Oh, and having a great guy with me to help rub sun tan lotion on those hard-to-reach spots! My idea of a ‘great guy’ would be someone who has a great sense of humor, is intelligent, confident and has really nice eyes. The eyes get me every time!

you gotta love a girl who knows what she wants!

Ton of hot pics of her in the gallery plus tons more inside the Twisty’s site…. over 400 pics, 5 photsets and 4 sexy videos of this total babe!

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Wife Gets Revenge

Do you think you can cheat on your wife and get away with it? Well, here’s the story of one unlucky fucker who didn’t manage to escape his adulterous trist unscathed. Where there’s a will, there’s a whore wife mounting some other dude’s cock.

After a huge fight about his various infidelities, Stacy’s husband stormed out of the house. A little later, while Stacy was sitting there all pissed off and half-drunk, one of her asshole husband’s friends comes walking in looking for him. Stacy explained what had happened and said that she didn’t expect that cocksucker back any time too soon.

Now, this guy was no idiot. Stacy was a hot piece of ass and he wasn’t going to pass up a chance to bang her when the opportunity was knocking loud and clear, even if it was his buddy’s wife. He played the sympathetic ear, refilling her drink and moving slowly closer to her. Before he knew it, he was standing in front of her with his cock dangling in her pretty face. Stacy’s lust for revenge was as strong as her dersire for that big stiff dick, so she sucked and fucked that horny bastard and enjoyed every goddamn second of it.

You’ve got love a sexy young whore wife that’ll get back at her husband for cheating on her by cheating right back. You can bet that Stacy felt no guilt for taking that other dude’s hard cock in her wet married snatch.

A real hooker getting fucked in every position

I took Peggy into the kitchen and started making out with her. I had my hand underneath her blouse, playing with her boobs through her bra, working my thumb inside the D cups that held her twin 38’s so I could tease her nipples.

“Those guys would die if they could see these babies …see big they are, how thick your nipples are …they’d get instant hard-ons.”

She groaned at the thought I put in her head. “I’d like to see their dicks all big and hard …” she whispered. “Shake my tits in front of them so they wanna jack off.”

She arched her back and pushed her tits in my face and moaned.

“Listen, uh …Al told me what he wants for his birthday.”

She rubbed my hard cock through my jock. “What …”

“He wants to see your tits …”

Peggy smiled, thinking he was joking. “Oooh, how naughty, bring him in, I’ll suck his cock.”

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Weird week so far

Month ends always bother me.  I guess it is a personality defect, but I don’t look at what was accomplished as much as what was missed, forgotten, or never gotten to.  It can sometimes be mentally crippling to look at all you didn’t do in a month… one thing about building porn sites and whatnot […]

Laura Lion @ jugfuckers

laura lion has big titsLaura Lion is one stunning babe!

I found this gallery promoting a new site called Jugfuckers.  They had my attention right away, for all the good reasons.  I glanced at a couple of pretty decent galleries, and then I saw the lovely Laura Lion.  Oh boy!

She is a walking fucking erection machine, as far as I am concerned.  She has that devilish look in her eye, a curvy body, and totally fucking massive tits.  How big?  She is tit fucking a guy in this gallery and she isn’t even that close to him… these sweater puppies are large and in charge, let me tell you!

It’s a good gallery too… hot pics showing lovely Laura tking it off and then getting tit fucked massively… and a nice load of goo on her knockers as a reward.

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Jamie Hammer – serious babe

I was working on my Big Boob blog, and just added a piece for sexy stunner Jamie Hammer. If you like hot models (she has appeared in Playboy on a number of occasions) then you might want to check this out.
Click here for Jamie Hammer.