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Martha @ Nubiles

martha nice titsmartha nice titsMartha is another hotty from Nubiles… damn if I know where they keep finding these hot babes, but I will keep listing them you!

Martha is more of the “full sized” babe. She has some nice well defined A cups and a very sexy round ass… and lovely thighs and legs! I love the idea of her bush not being entirely shaved, it is pretty sexy and natural and makes her look even hotter to me.

Basically this entire gallery is tits out views, and those little tits are wonderful and well formed. Check out the piercing in her left nipple, dynomite! You know this sweet and innocent looking girl has a little bit of naughty in her… and I wouldn’t mind having a few inches of me in her either!

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Nubiles has some of the hottest teens and coeds on their sites, completely exclusive girls you won’t see anywhere else, and damn, they are hot. If you love little titty girls (and I know you do!) then you need to click here and get your fill from Nubiles!

Little April fingers her pussy

little april teen pussyI got some nice pussy over here for ya!

Yummy Little April is a hot girl with a body that absolutely won’t quit. Really nice tits, tight abs, and a wonderful pink pussy. She even still has braces… wow!

Anyway, this gallery features this hotty out on a boat. Little April find her bath suit to be a little to tigth I guess, and decides to take it off. The sun and the hot weather combine to get her a little horny, and soon enough this lovely teen princess has three fingers stuffed into her tight box trying desperately to get off. I can tell you that I really want to give her some help… would you like to help here out?

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Jamie visits We Live Together

we live together

The We Live Together room mates are out at it again, scouring the city for fresh babes to take home and play with. This time they visit the local amusement partk, and the come upon sexy Jamie. They talk to her a bit, find out she is game for a little game, and it isn’t long before this hot threesome is back at the flat and having a nice little lesbian lickfest.

Jamie is fucking hot too! She has got some massive tits, a really hot look, and a nice shaved pussy! Yummy stuff!

They girls end up with a lovely three way vibrator masturbation and kissing shot… I think I just came!

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we live together

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Slutty blonde hooker gets fucked hard

Slutty Hooker Sex

This blonde girl is absolutely gorgeous. The guy has definately hit the jackpot with this raunchy hooker slut. She is prepared to do absolutely anything and she just looks so damn fine in that sexy corset. She really does have such a great slim body with all the perfect curves and seeing her get naked and pop out those gorgeous breasts is amazing. And then she wraps her lips around that dick and gives some slutty oral sex before she gets fucked. I just love the pic in this gallery of her getting fucked in her sexy stockings with her legs pressed apart as she takes it hard in her dripping wet pussy. Check her out in this raunchy sex gallery.

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Slacker Search Phrases…

I know, I know I’ve been totally slacking on my posts lately.  It’s not my fault I am overwhelmed with work right now.  That’s a good thing, and I will be debuting a new site come Monday, but just to show you I still love my fans and haven’t completely forgotten you, here are some funny search phrases for the month of May.

  • rooting milfs (huh?)
  • beauty pornstar anal violent (cool, a haiku)
  • nude scott stapp (awesome, exactly the type of traffic I am looking for)
  • 20 dicks in one chick porn (I don’t think that’s physically possible, maybe 5 but that’s pushing it)
  • Jewish Girls (what if a Rabbi stumbled on this site by accident, oy vei)
  • is taylor rain escorting (I thought I heard that she was pregnant, so she probably could use some extra cash – I could be misinformed however and Google is a useless tool apprently)
  • www com ugly fat sluts porn (a man with good taste in porn)
  • cum quenched whore (who need gatorade?)

Sorry, this month wasn’t as good as the previous months.  Of course I’m still getting results for meth whores, but I figure after two months of mentioning it, the meth whores term really needs to be retired.  Well hopefully we’ll get some more retarded requests for June when the college kids get home and start jerking off at their parents home.

The Blind Date Trio

Tyler couldn’t believe this girl!!! She was beautiful, smart, exotic, and witty, but talk about dominant, he could hardly get in a word edgewise!!! Even her name sounded exotic, Geneva Berk, now who had ever heard of anyone with a name like that, except maybe for someone in central casting!!! He had been on quite a few blind dates in his day, but nothing had prepared him for someone like Geneva Berk!!! (more…)

Xmen Whores

If for some reason you find Halle Berry attractive…

and if for some reason you get off on women in COSTUME…

and if for some reason one of those costumes happens to be the STORM costume from the x-men….

then get ready to grab your cock:

according to my friends at Pornimated

LIFE STYLE EXTRA (UK) – Halle Berry has revealed she likes to dress up in her raunchy ’X-Men’ outfit for sex.

The Oscar-winning actress – who plays rubber-clad, weather controlling mutant Storm in the blockbuster film – says she dons the tight bodysuit to “spice up” her sex life with boyfriend Gabriel Aubry.

She told American chat show host Conan O’Brien: “Yeah, I wear it sometimes. You gotta keep your life spiced up. Storm never has sex in the movies – but Storm has a lot of sex at my house.”

good christ.

Looking Back

Tonight I’m catching up on some of my own personal Internet stuff – including my blog. Some of the stuff I did tonight forced me to look through some old folders of pictures I’ve taken through out the past ten years or so. Holy cow; It’s been a wild ride.

In 1997 I got pissed at life. I wasn’t making any forward progress, and kicked myself into high gear. So I went back to college. I was a bit older to go back to college and it was difficult to keep up with the “kids”. I looked at it as a challenge, thinking it would be my last chance to test myself. So I went for broke. I ran circles around everyone else even though most of my fellow students were half my age. I even graduated wth honors, but it was far from my last test in life.

Shortly before I graduated the dot com bubble burst, and computer jobs in Cali didn’t exist. I accepted what I thought would be a short term job in Phoenix, if only because I would be making slightly more money than I was currently making, plus commision, and it would get me out of Cali where the cost of living was so high. I got into the ground floor of a new company that was about to become highly profitable. My employer – a man named Steve Lightspeed– is someone I’ll never be able to repay. He kept his promises and took good care of me.

After five or so years of a rough job I stepped down, again thinking I was done. I took a paycut and went to work for a company I had always wanted to work for. I was having a blast with them when I got the call that changed my life. I got a phone call from someone at Playboy saying “You’ll be working for me in under three months”. I told him it wasn’t going to happen; I was done with high pressure / high stress jobs.

And I was wrong.

And here I am, working for Playboy, ready to put myself to the ultimate test and do something that’s never been done before because no one could do it. I’m ready.

I spent the past hour of my life talking to someone on ICQ whom I don’t know, yet he knows me by reputation because of the adult industry. He told me about his life, and gave me the impression that he looks up to me. I should have told him I was once homeless and living out of my car. He has the tools to make something with his life but it’s up to him to do it.

I’m off to Miami this weekend because, well, I’m bored and because I can. I thought about taking Raimi with me, but I think I’ll just go alone. I’ll update from the road.

Have a great weekend.

Susy Busty MILF

susy is a busty MILF

Another hot find from Jugfuckers… here is what they say about sexy Susy:

Latin Susy has ok looks, but when you take a look at her rack, she immediatly becomes a bombshell. Those things are so big and natural they are just begging to get fucked, and thats exactly what we do to them! She teases us with her big boobs for a while before letting them loose. We played with them forever,and she loved it. She loved getting tit fucked and sucking on this big cock. Watch those big things wrap Eds cock so easily. You will wish you were their!

Gotta love those sexy latina boobs… Yeah, she is a little round in the middle, but I just think that helped to add a little more to her tits…

Click here to check out Susy!

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