Checking Out Cassidy Klein

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Busty Candy Alexa Loves Anal Sex

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End of School Party

So let’s face it, I was not one of the “popular” kids in high school. I was the geeky, nerdy, played in band types. Wasn’t built for sports, didn’t care to bust my ass to wear the popular clothes and play with the latest look, I just existed. Oh, and I had a 12 inch cock by the time I turned 18.

It was actually hard for me, pun intended, to deal with. Boxers were out of the question, the damn thing would just dangle out the bottom. Briefs did ok, but the best option I could find were a boxer brief style, was still somewhat comfortable and it worked well to keep everything in place the best it could. Just heaven help me if something caused it to get hard, there was no hiding the thing. That being said, I did a fairly good job of keeping things in check, most of the time.

The exception was Briana… she played the same instrument as me in band, but she was by no means a “band chick.” We had been in the same school since our elementary days and I had been surprised that she had stuck with it for as long as she did. I’m guessing her parents forced her to. It’s too bad too, she was halfway decent, she could’ve been really good if she put a little more effort into it. We had been sitting in the back row of band practice one day and she leaned over and asked, “Boxes or briefs?” I just kind of stared at her with a dumb look on my face, till she ran a finger up the front of my leg. “Hmm, didn’t feel a seam, must be tighty whites.” This was one of the events that led me to try to find better underwear that contained things better. My cock started to swell almost instantly. Bri stared at the growing log in my pants, open mouthed, before I excused myself to the bathroom.

I had a couple other close calls throughout the years, but I had gotten better at learning to deal with it. School was almost over, and I had mostly been focusing on school and life after high school. It caught me off guard one day when Bri caught up to me between classes. “Hey Dave, I was throwing a little party over at my place this weekend, Parents are gone and all that. I figured since I’ve known you pretty much all your life, I’d see if you wanted to come.”

She could tell right away that I thought something was up. My dumb founded look was all I could manage. “Oh come on, it’s the end of high school, you’ve never accepted one of my invites before, live a little! You never know, you might have some fun!” With a pair of tits like her’s bouncing in front of me, I muttered a “sure” and made my escape before my better half made an escape attempt.

So it’s probably time to give a little bit of background on Brianna, or Bri as I’ve known her for the last 10 years or so. She did everything, and did it well. Her parents were both doctors of some sort, and they both passed on their genetics to her. Pom squad, her musical career before she gave up it, academics, and she was captain of the volleyball team as well. Not that I ever went to one of those matches. Tons of beautiful women in very short shorts? Recipe for disaster. She didn’t have the biggest tits, but they were perfect for her body. Solid b’s, with just enough of an ass that would give you something to grab on to. Topped off with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes, there was no question as to why half of the male population in the school wanted to get in her panties. She organized all the parties, to get a personal invite from her put you in the upper echelon of the school social standing.

I showed up the night of the party looking nothing special. My usual blue jeans and tshirt look. As soon as I walked in her house, I felt out of place. Most of the football team all stood around a keg of beer, getting trashed already. The cheerleaders were mostly hanging off them, getting smashed as well. Those who weren’t drinking were buzzing around, trying to look cool as well. Needless to say, it wasn’t my typical scene.

“Holy shit, you actually showed up!” I heard Bri exclaim from across the room. She turned to her friend, Emily I think her name was. Another girl from the pom squad. “I’ve been trying to get him to come to one of my parties for ever, looks like I finally won him over!” I tipped the beer that had somehow found it’s way into my hand towards her and wandered away from her, not really feeling the mood.

The party went on like this for a while. Occasionally I’d bump into someone I cared to talk to and we’d chat for a while. Bri caught up to me again, wearing a very short jean skirt and a fuzzy top that was very deep cut and showed off miles of cleavage. I tried to keep it short with her before it wasn’t short, and I managed to sneak away.

“No way! John has that big of a cock!” someone shouted from across the room. Oh geez, here we go. Melanie, one of the other pom squad girls started giggling with someone I didn’t recognize. John was hanging on to Melanie’s waist, a proud look on his face. Melanie had huge tits. Stupidly huge for a girl her age. It just defied logic how she could be so thin and have tits that big. But I digress…. “I bet he has the biggest cock of any guy here!” shouted the other girl.

The girls instantly huddled up. I could already tell I wasn’t going to like where this was going. Bri and her closest 4 friends, dubbed the fab 5, deliberated for a few minutes, then Bri shouted out for everyone to quiet down. “Ok! To celebrate our almost graduation and to see if Mel has bragging rights for laying claim to the guy with the biggest cock, we’re going to have a contest for all you guys!” She almost fell over from laughing so hard at this point, but her friends kept her up and encouraged her to continue. “So this is what we’re going to do. The five of us are going in the bedroom, you guys line and make your way in one at a time, we’ll see just how wrong she is. And maybe there’ll be a special prize for the winner!” All the girls in the room started making noise, either in excitement at finding out who had the best cock in the room or in disgust that not all of them were going to get to watch the show. I just shook my head, you could tell easily which of the jocks were thinking. The cock-sure ones were high fiving each other, the ones who didn’t look happy probably were miserable at the thought of having to show their tiny dick to five of the most popular girls in the school.

I was nursing a drink when I felt a tug on my sleeve, and turned to find Bri next to me. She whispered in my ear, “I better see you in there, I’ve been trying for years to find out what you’re hiding down there..” She glanced down at my crotch, giving me a wicked smile as she turned and headed back towards the room. The fab five disappeared, while the rest of the girls quickly latched on to the closest guy. Kelly, a girl that I actually liked, appeared out of nowhere and took my arm, squeezing it between her boob and arm.

“What’s going on?” I asked, looking down at her. One of the reason I liked Kelly so much was she was always smiling. She was one of those genuinely nice people, and the fact that she had a killer body didn’t hurt any. There weren’t many girls who would bother to pay attention to me, but Kelly had always gone out of her way to say hi.

“Isn’t it obvious? We’re to make sure none of you guys chicken out and run away!” She leaned forward some, deliberately looking down at my crotch. “And besides, can’t a girl get a show once in awhile?” Again with that smile… if I made it out of this party alive, it’d be a miracle…

The girls dragged each guy into the bedroom in turn, some more willingly than others. One football player literally had 3 or 4 girls dragging him in. Must have had a tiny cock… Most guys were only in there for a minute or so… I imagine just go in, whip it out, tuck it back in, and be out. Wasn’t sure how they were going to quantify the “biggest” cock, but I figured no big deal. I really didn’t care about the outcome anyways, I just wanted to get out of here. Kelly tightened up her grip on and squished my arm against her boob harder as someone came out. “Ok, stud, you’re not going to put up a fight against me, are you?” I merely shook my head and resigned myself to my fate as she started to lead me in.

As I walked in the room, Kelly followed and shut the door behind me. Fuck, I really didn’t want to have to do this in front of her, but I was kind of trapped at this point. I looked around the room and the fab five were parked on the end of a king size bed, and one of them was actually taking notes in a notebook. Go figure, they were serious about this. From left to right, Mel the boob queen was first. Brown hair, about 5’5″, I’d say 130lbs. Next was Meghan. She was another former band girl, but she dropped out before Bri did. She supposedly had a crush on me for some reason in middle school, but I had never pursued it. She was another volleyball girl like Bri, fit and tight. Curly long blonde hair, shorter than Mel at about 5’1″, and small b cup, and probably around 110lbs. Bri rounded up the middle, with Emily on her left. She had tall and dark written all over her. I never heard her background, but she had this fantastic olive skin with straight black hair. Solid c’s, on a frame that stood as tall as my 5’10” frame did. Her body wasn’t as tight as the other girls, but she was easily the best total package. Erin rounded out the group, short brown hair, small c’s, about 5′ even.

“Ok, let’s see it,” I heard Bri say. “Shirt off first, it’s too long, don’t want anything covered up.” Like that would be a problem for me… As my shirt came off, my cock started to harden. Fuck, that was going to make things difficult. Getting underwear off when I was hard wasn’t easy. Belt, unbuckled, button off as well…. Bulge in my pants was growing, and I’m sure none of the girls were missing it. I heard an “oh my god” before I even had my zipper down. My pants finally made it down to my ankles as I kicked them away. The girls were going crazy at this point, falling over each other while laughing. How I managed to get my underwear off, I don’t even remember. All twelve inches stood at attention proudly for them.

Mel was the first to get an audible comment out. “Holy fuck! That is unreal! It’s as big as my fucking arm!”

The other girls took turns making comments, before Bri settled them down. “Girls, we must be through, Erin, the ruler.” Really? They were actually going to measure it?

“With pleasure,” was all the response she gave as she got off the bed. Her soft hand tried to wrap itself around my cock, only making it about ¾ of the way around. She looked up at me and smiled.

“Hey, no getting busy with the tools!” one of the girls shouted from the bed. Erin just shushed them and went back to my cock. She giggle, then laid the ruler right on top and let it rest there, not even bothering to hold it up.

“Well girls, we might have a new record. It’s an offical full twelve inches!” The other girls all jumped off the bed and ran over to see for themselves, a few hands reaching out to touch my cock. I was in a state of shock… even Kelly had her hands on my cock.

Bri was just smiling at me. “I knew you were hiding something over all these years, who knew it was this impressive though…”

Emily finally broke things up. “Girls, unfortunately this is not the only cock we have to judge tonight, we still have a few to go.”

“I pity the poor bastard who has to go next,” I heard someone else mumble. A couple of the girls gave an audible “awww” as they let go of me, while I tried to figure out a way to stuff my cock back in my pants. It wasn’t easy, but I had a fair amount of practice dealing with it over the years and finally managed it. Kelly took my arm again, smiling the whole time and led me out of the room. The next guy managed his way in. I almost felt sorry for him.. but not really.

Kelly pulled me onto a couch far enough away that no one could hear us. “Holy fuck, Dave, that was incredible! I had no idea you were packing something like that!” I just shrugged, not sure what else to say. “I just may try to get you all alone tonight, if one of the other girls don’t snag you first.” She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She lingered after the kiss, whispering in my ear, “And besides, it’s only fair that I’ve seen you naked, if you want to measure my tits I’ll let you.” My mouth tried to form words, but nothing came. She stood up from the couch, gave me a wicked smile, then walked away. My eyes were firmly planted to her ass as it swayed away, leaving me with the predicament of what to do with my growing cock once again. I decided that staying put was the best course of action.

Another half hour or so drifted by of me watching people come and go when the fab five finally came out of seclusion. I could’ve sworn I saw Bri look my way and wink, but before I had to time to register it they had moved on. All the girls in the room suddenly went quiet and stared over at them. How did they manage to get all the other girls in the school so whipped? Social things were so beyond me. “So we have a winner!” shouted Bri. All the girls screamed and cheered. A few of the guys who probably thought they had won had thrown their cheers in as well, but most just sat there. “It was a long, hard process”, she emphasized long and hard, “but there is clearly one guy here who’s cock stands feet above the rest.” I tried not to laugh at her choice of words. I knew what was coming next, and I was dreading actually hearing the words.

“So without further cock teasing, the winner of South Central High’s ‘Biggest Cock Award’ goes to Dave!” Half the girls started cheering, not really caring who was named, the other half all though “who”? Stares started coming in my direction. The girls a mix of wonder of how big it really was to beat out everyone else to wonder at who I was, and the guys of pure detest that a skinny little geek had a bigger cock than any of them. It was a good thing I didn’t own a car, it probably would’ve been beat to shit by the time I got out of here.

The rest of the night flew by pretty quick actually. I wasn’t sitting alone anymore, that’s for sure. A slurry of girls, most of who I didn’t even know their names, crowded around me with sudden interest. A few even made a grab for my cock, desperate to find out for themselves just how big I was. After a few more beers, I calmed down and got as used to the attention as I could. The night moved on, and the crowd slowly started thinning out. I was bummed that Kelly was nowhere around, but I figured she had other people here to see, I couldn’t be everyone’s center of attention suddenly.

About 2am the crowd had thinned enough that I decided that it was time to make my escape. I stood and got as far as the trashcan to throw my beer cup out when I felt an arm wrap around mine. “And where do you think you’re going? Not thinking of running away now, are you?” Kelly smiled at me. I couldn’t resist, hormones took over at this point.

“Of course not, just came looking for you. Every girl in this place has been trying to grab my junk all night, was wondering why you weren’t part of that crowd.” I playfully gave her a few pokes with my elbow, hoping to convey that I really was joking. At least about the part why she wasn’t there…

“Just didn’t want to spoil your 5 minutes of fame, that’s all,” as she stuck her tongue out at me. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it back I guess. “Besides, what makes you think you’re done for the night?” She started pulling me, “It’s time for your reward!”

She was looking away from me, pulling me around people in the crowd, so I wasn’t able to see her face. Was she still joking? A “reward” was never mentioned before, my mind began to race. I quickly figured out that she was leading me back to the bedroom of the earlier activities. I looked around the room and didn’t see any of the fab five mingling out here with us common folk, just what the fuck was going on?

Kelly opened the room and pushed me in, following behind again. I distinctly heard the click of a lock, then noticed the 5 smiling faces in front of me. Things were about to get interesting. Bri spoke first, “So how did it feel to have the attention of every girl out there? It looked like they were about ready to rip your pants right off you, and I don’t blame them”

“Yea, that was about the most uncomfortable couple hours I’ve experienced ever. Did you miss every guy from the varsity team that looked like they were going to kill me for getting the attention of all their girl friends?”

“Ohh, poor baby, they’ll get over it. And besides, deep down you know that you could whip that cock out and smack them with it from across the room. Most of them would want to suck it too if they knew how gorgeous it really was.” Too? I wondered if she meant to let that slip.

Mel was the next to jump in, a little too eagerly. “So your reward for having the biggest fucking cock in the school, and probably the whole damn state! What do you want? You have the five of us here, name your prize!”

“God, Mel, you’re such a slut,” shot Emily. Always the downer of the group.

“What? That’s what we agreed on?” Mel quickly shot back.

“Doesn’t mean you have to blurt it out like that..”

“Actually, he has the six of us here,” I turned and saw Kelly stepping forward. “Since I was the one responsible for making sure he came into the room, I deserve to be in on the reward.” The other girls all looked at each other for a second, and Bri quickly spoke up. “Fair enough, come have a seat, girly!”

My mind raced, whatever I wanted? Half of the girls were already staring at my already growing cock. I figured what the hell, let’s go for it. I quickly stripped down again, the girls once again oohing and aahing as my giant cock sprang out. Here goes nothing. “So you girls measured my cock with a ruler, I think there’s some other measuring that needs to happen.” Mel rolled back a bit and clapped her hands. She was ready and waiting for this at least. “I want to know just how my cock measures up in some other ways. I want to know how far your boobs can wrap around my cock. So you’ll take your shirt and bra off, lay on your back, and I’ll see if your boobs can go all around my cock or not. Then secondly, probably the most important test, I want to see how much of my cock you can actually fit in your mouth.” The girls were all smiling, obviously ready to try and best one another. “It’s only fair after all, if you’re going to measure things, you have to take multiple measurements.”

There was no surprise that Mel was the first one naked. She didn’t just stop at her bra and shirt, her skirt and g-string quickly flew to the floor as well. Did I mention that her tits defied logic? They were easily D’s with light pink areolas, her nipples already hard and poking out. The other girls were stripped down quickly, but Mel was the only one to drop her panties. The rest of them stopped at removing their skirts or shorts. I gave Kelly a good look over and noticed she had quite the wet spot going on the front of her red thong. She caught me looking and just smiled at me.

Before I could admire all the girls, Mel was already on her back on the bed, “These titties aren’t going to fuck themselves! Get that monster over here!” I couldn’t help but laugh a bit as I climbed up and straddled her. I had no doubt that her monster tits would engulf my cock, but I didn’t realize how good it’d feel. They easily formed around my cock as I started to rock back and forth. My cock easily reached her mouth as I stroked forward and she would playfully lick the swollen head when it came into range.

“Hold on a sec,” Meghan butted in. I hadn’t noticed the other girls circling around us on the bed, they were all pressing in. Kelly took my arm and pulled into her body, mashing it between her tits again. Bri was pressed against my back, looking over my shoulder to enjoy the sight. The other girls pressed in close as well. “Let’s make things a little bit easier for Dave.” She dropped a huge glob of saliva on Mel’s tits and let my cock work it around some before spitting on my cock directly this time. I was in heaven, it felt wonderful, even better with the added lubrication.

I easily lost myself in fucking those big tits, when the last person I expected to butt in did. “Hey, let someone else have a turn.” Emily shot in. Mel pouted for a sec but quickly got up as Emily laid down. She had on a little black lace g-string that looked fantastic on her dark skin. I quickly climbed on and laid my cock down in her cleavage. Her tits weren’t as large as Mel’s, but they were large c’s still. The stark whiteness of my cock quickly disappeared into her olive breasts. Erin leaned forward this time, providing some extra lubrication to ease things along, then almost on queue both Erin and Meghan grabbed her boobs and mashed them into my cock. She had large dark nipples and I couldn’t take my eyes off of them, I just had to pinch them. I quickly reached down and took each of them in my hands and rolled them around and was rewarded with a moan.

“Ohh, she likes it when you do that. She also likes it when you suck on her nipples too,” Erin smiled right before she leaned forward and took Emily’s nipple into her mouth.

“Hey, save some for me too!” Meghan quickly latched on to the other one. Emily’s pace of breath quickened, her moaning becoming more frequent. I could feel her humping at something behind me, but I couldn’t tell what. Her body went rigid and trembled under the orgasm, then she went limp under me. I stopped my thrusting to let her catch her breath.

Out of nowhere, Bri kissed me. Open mouthed, tongue shooting into my mouth. It tasted sweet and her face smelled of the same. She broke the kiss off, “How do you think she tastes?” I looked down and saw Bri’s face a mess with Emily’s juices.

“Absolutely fantastic,” was about all I could get out. The girls were already moving Emily’s limp body out of the way so the next one could have a turn.

Meghan jumped down next and I noticed a huge wet spot on her panties as well. They were these cute little thing with a picture of cookie monster eating a cookie. Subtle, but I loved it none the less. Her tits were definitely smaller than the rest of the group, they barely reached half way around my cock. She was the shortest of the group as well, so my cock never left range of her mouth. She eagerly sucked and licked the tip as I thrusted in and out. The girls played with her some as well, but she didn’t climax before she was pushed out of the way. She must have been at the bottom of the pecking order with the smallest tits… poor girl.

Erin jumped in front of me next. She made a show of stripping out of her thong right in front of me on the bed, her hairless pussy glistened with all of her juices. I deliberately ran the head of my cock up her pussy and over her clit as I climbed on her. “Ohh, that’s so not fair! You didn’t do that for me!” shot Mel.

“Shut up you slut,” someone fired back. Ahh, girls…

Her tits left about a quarter of an inch exposed on my cock, and the other girls were trying their best to get them all the way around. Bri leaned forward and took one of Erin’s nipples in between her teeth, making a show of it for me. Erin cooed as Bri played with her, then suddenly she jumped and I felt a head hit my back. I looked over my shoulder to see Emily diving back into her pussy, her long dark hair obscuring what she was doing down there, but it didn’t take a genius to figure out. She quickly orgasmed, her body shaking and pulsing with the pleasure.

Bri and Kelly were the last 2 left. They huddled together for a second, giggling all the while. I wasn’t sure what they were up to, but I was sure I was going to like it. “Ok, we’re going to do things a little bit different this time,” announced Bri. Kelly pulled a small ottoman over to the foot of the bed. Bri looked over at it, “ok, have a seat, Dave!” It was maybe about two feet across and a couple feet long. Just wide enough that I could half lay down on it, my head resting on the bed behind me and my knees comfortably bending so my feet could rest on the floor.

What it also provided,once the girls were on their knees on either side of me, was my cock at the perfect height for their breasts. They both leaned into me, sandwiching my aching cock between both of their tits with the head of my cock right in front of each of their mouths. Their tongues instantly started to lick and play with the treasure in front of them. Kelly’s tits were slightly bigger than Bri’s b’s, and the combination of both of their soft boobs enveloping my cock was almost too much. Then they started to stroke my cock, raising themselves up and down. As soon as my cock left the range of their mouths they started kissing each other. I couldn’t take it anymore. “Ohh fuck, I’m going to cum!” was all the warning I was able to give them as my massive cock started to pulse.

Load after load shot out, mostly hitting Kelly and Bri directly in the face, then dripping down to their tits. The other girls quickly swooped in, licking as much of the cum up as they could. I collapsed back onto the bed as the girls swooned over one another, licking and cleaning each other up as best as they could as I caught my breath.

I didn’t get much of a breather before Mel dropped to her knees in front of me. “So I can take an 8″ cock all the way down my throat, not sure if I’ll be able to do all of this monster.” She certainly tried. My cock quickly hit the back of her throat, but she has some impressive gag reflex controls and kept pushing. Inch after inch of my cock went down her tight throat, till she finally had to pull back. “Holy fuck, that thing is big! I think I barely made it to the 8 inch mark!”

She got pushed out of the way as the next girl got down on her knees. Meghan got maybe 5 inches down before she gave up. Then Emily jumped in front of the line. I was beginning to wonder what I had done in a past life to deserve this… the 6 most beautiful girls in the entire school fighting over my cock. Seeing them one by one look up at me with such lust in their eyes as they wrapped their lips around my giant cock was starting to go to my head. Emily managed to pull about the same as Mel to everyone’s surprise, and seeing those beautiful olive tits bounce as she sucked my cock in and out of the back of her throat almost put me over the edge again. Erin only managed a few inches, but she made up for it by sucking and playing with my balls. Kelly dropped to her knees next, wrapping both hands around my cock as she worked it for a minute.

“You ready?” She asked with that smile again. I just smiled back. In one swift move, she swallowed my cock whole, down to the base, not stopping once. She held it for a few seconds, then let it go completely. Tears were coming to her eyes, but she was all smiles as the other girls cheered.

“Holy fuck!” Was all I was able to get out before she went down again, swallowing my cock whole once again. She held it again for a few seconds then released it with a pop as her mouth let go. She stood up and took a bow, the other girls giving cat calls and clapping. I was left speechless, in none of my wildest dreams had I ever expected Kelly to do that. I guess it’s like they say, the quiet and innocent looking ones are the ones you have to watch out for.

“Fuck it, I can’t beat that,” Bri commented as she stood up. She walked over in front of me and pushed me backward on to the bed, then climbed on. Before I had a chance to say anything, she grabbed my cock and impaled herself on it, settling 3 or 4 inches down while she adjusted to the size of it.

“Oh that’s totally not fair!” Mel was the first to react, no surprise there. As if it was the trigger that set off all the held back sexual tension, everyone just let go of their inhibitions. Bri slowly inched down my cock till she couldn’t fit any more in her pussy. I looked over and Mel had tackled Kelly and was furiously going at her pussy. Erin had wrapped herself around Bri’s back, her hands alternating between rubbing Bri’s clit and playing with her nipple. Meghan had jumped in on top of Kelly as well, sucking on her tits. Then out of nowhere a dripping wet pussy descended on my face, it could only have been Emily’s.

She was facing Bri, and I could only imagine the sight of them kissing as Bri rode my cock and Emily rode my face. Her pussy was sweet as I drove my tongue in, my hands wrapping around to her ass. I was lost in a sea of pleasure, unaware as to what ever else was going on around me. I could hear the moans and cries of pleasure from the other girls, but at that moment my world existed only on the pussy my lips were wrapped around and the pussy my massive cock was violating.

I could feel Emily’s orgasm coming on, her legs started to tremble as I worked her clit with my tongue. With no more warning than that, her thighs clamped around my head as the orgasm overtook her. Holding on for dear life, I kept the pressure up on her clit, pushing her through wave after wave of her orgasm. She finally calmed down and rolled off me, giving me a view once again of Bri. As soon as Emily rolled off, Bri stopped bouncing on my cock and leaned over against me.

“So what do you think of my parties?” She whispered in my ear. Not waiting for me to respond, she continued “I want that big cock of yours to cum in my pussy. It’s all mine!” I just grunted in response as she started riding my cock once again with her body pressed up against mine, her soft tits pressed against my chest. “Oh god, that cock feels soo good in my little pussy, it’s going to make me cum!”

True to her word, her orgasm started to sweep over her. Between her whispering in my ear and the feeling of her pussy contracting around my cock, I couldn’t take it anymore. My orgasm hit seconds later and started shooting load after load.

“Oh fuck! I can feel it pulse in me! I’m going to cum again!”

I just laid there, unable to do anything other than enjoy the sensations coursing through my body. I became acutely aware of Bri’s sweaty body sliding against mine, her breasts digging into my chest, her legs against my sides. At some point, one of my hands went to her ass and the other to her back, pulling her into me as best I could. Her long blonde hair obscuring her face from me, tickling my chest.

Things seemed to stay like that for a long time, then as if time caught up things all happened fast. Bri rolled off me, then one of the girls quickly jumped on her pussy, eating all my cum out of it. Two of the other girls jumped on my cock, licking it clean. I couldn’t tell who, my vision had narrowed down to the point where I was just conscious of the naked form of Bri laying next to me on the bed.

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My wife’s name is Maria. She speaks with a slight accent, but not much; just enough to make her seem exotic. She was born in America, but she actually likes to let people think she is from somewhere else. She enjoys keeping people, especially men, guessing. Her skin is naturally a nice bronze color, and she doesn’t bother tanning at all. She thinks it’s funny that other women are always trying to get their skin to look like hers. She is 5 feet 1 inch tall, and weighs less than 100 pounds. She has long dark brown hair, down to her waist. She is strong for her size, with a very firm little butt, and her breasts are a wonderful mouthful. She used to just trim her pubic hair short, but a few years ago she began waxing it. She hates doing it, but the result is so nice and smooth she keeps it waxed now.

She trained as a masseuse when she was young, and started working professionally as a masseuse soon after she turned 19. It’s true these days she calls herself a massage therapist, but when she first started she called herself a masseuse. She thought the exotic sound of being a masseuse matched her exotic looks and speech, but, sadly, too many men assume masseuses are prostitutes, so she took up using the therapist title. So, her first job was working for a gym, giving massages to members. She did have to gently fend off a few advances in her first job. After all, she is beautiful and very sexy. But the place she worked was obviously not a front for prostitution, so men who were looking for sex for hire didn’t go there. They actually just wanted massages. There were several women who wanted massages, too, but Maria says most of her clients were men.

A few years later we moved to another city, and Maria found another job as a massage therapist. She went to the interview, then came home and said she needed to talk to me about the job. They offered her a job, but she said the place obviously wasn’t only about massages. She told me she had talked with the girl who interviewed her, who was named Nancy, and told Nancy she wouldn’t be doing anything but giving massages. Nancy told her that would be fine, but Maria would need to wear the costume they all wore, and turn out for the lineup each time a customer came in, unless she was giving a massage. To Maria and I this sounds very much like what we heard cat houses were like, and it certainly didn’t sound like legitimate massage therapy. In any case, Maria wanted to work, and thought it might be fun to try working in such a salon, even if she quit soon.

The reason she had to speak with me before taking the job was because Nancy said I had to see the uniform she would be wearing and tell Nancy it was OK for Maria to work in it before she would hire my wife. So I had to go in, and view the lineup for myself. It was rather fun. The girls knew I wasn’t a prospective customer, but lined up for a few seconds before going their own ways. For her last job Maria had worn a nurses outfit. The uniform these girls wore was similar, in that it consisted of a nurses uniform top, but they weren’t wearing the uniform pants. I was pretty sure I caught a glimpse of little pairs of panties under those tops.


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